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March 17, 2010

letters to them

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Dear Baltimore,
Thank You!!  Thank you so much!  The other week I took my husband on a quick birthday trip to visit you and see an incredible band (one of his long time favorites) and you made the trip worth more than the incredible amount of pennies dollars i spent!  Every single person we encountered from the moment we stepped out of our car at the valet port was INCREDIBLY polite.  The courtesies that were imparted on us and the generosity of all we came in contact with was notable.  The meal at Cinghiale was AWESOME in the truest sense of the word and the breakfast at Miss Shirley’s was a southern gem.  We can’t wait to visiting again!
Thank you so much!

Dear Parents in front me at checkout at the Exchange,
Please pay attention to your children.  Please teach them common courtesy and respect for things that aren’t theirs.  I don’t think the next customers to buy ANY of the candy bars in the checkout aisle will be pleased when they realize that your son went through and single-handedly broke every single one!  And you just stood there, fighting with your daughter who wouldn’t let go of the skittles and when you did finally say something to your child it was just to get moving, nothing about how he shouldn’t be doing that.  And i know you know better, you have more respect than that, i know because you’re military.  You’re not saving the lives of Americans so they can have the freedom to buy the candy bars your son broke.
Thanks in advance for starting to parent your child,

Dear HBO,
Due to unfortunate timing of our wedding and selling of our house we didn’t get to see the final episode of True Blood, last season.  And it’s KILLING ME!  We watched this show from the very beginning and it became part of our Sunday night ritual and we’re very much looking forward to its return.  But please, PLEASE, put the season Finale on the OnDemand roster.  Please, I’ll send you cookies.
Your faithful viewers,
notsojenny & M

Dear Body Shop,
You made my day!  When i stopped in to pick up the newest scent of body butter and the girl up front told me “It goes on sale tomorrow” with a fake sad face i wanted to cry.  Luckily the girl in charge had more sympathy and sent her in the back to get me one anyway!  It was great, I would have been pleased to end it there but there was more, so much more.  I purchased yet another box of tagalongs from the girl scouts selling INSIDE of your store, just awesome. And, despite the 2 boxes of choco/peanut buttery goodness i’ve already eaten, the girl checking me out at the register told me my skin was “Beautiful!” she went on to gush about it, said it “looks perfect!” even, and it made my day.  If i had a secret it’s the Vitamin E lotion you sell me!  And to top it all off i got a STEAL on the body butter… i bought the $5 bag that made everything 50% off and then got ot use my husband’s $10 birthday coupon!  i pretty much got it for free and you STILL gave me free samples! 
I love you!

Dear States below the Mason Dixon line,
It is NOT adequate to celebrate St. Patrick’s day ONLY on the weekends that surround it.  I understand holding parades and other festivities on the weekends as it will garner the most attendance but St. Pat’s is STILL March 17th.  No matter what day of the week that falls on!  Please make sure your bars are aware of this, orange, white and green decorations should be up, irish tunes should be playing (even more so Irish Bands!) and green beer is definitely in order. Please stop ignoring this holiday on it’s ACTUAL day!
Happy St. Pats!



~ today i learned… not only does St Patty’s day celebrate St. Patrick but it’s held on March 17th because that’s the day he died ~

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  1. 1 – I had to hide the thin mints from myself after the first day. L didn’t believe me when I told him that the box was defective and only came with one sleeve of cookies. :)

    2 – This St. Pats thing drives me crazy. Our parade and festivities were this passed Saturday. Wrong. You want festive though? March 17th, or not? Irish bar, celebrating St. Pats day, with a whole slew of fireman. I’m not kidding. THey are the most festive St. Pats celebrants ever. The FD pipes and drums came to play an impromptu concert after the parade and i think all 1100 fireman from the city were there. it was so much fun though.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — March 17, 2010 @ 9:51 am

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