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‘mond history / valentine

it’s 3 properties  linked together and it’s a really neat space.  you’d never know it when you’re driving through the concrete jungle that is any downtown district.  it’s a hidden little garden behind the museums & house that is surrounded by a stone fence and beautiful big trees. 

at this location there is an indoor space and a large outdoors space.  the indoor space is much like a hall but filled with historic signs from around richmond.  the outdoors space had the area directly behind the house which is commonly used for ceremonies (they will set up the chairs on the lawn).  there’s a boxwood garden that houses a famous statue (of which the name currently escapes me) and a brick patio area for dancing!  during the time of your rental there are 2 sets of restrooms for your guests, self-touring areas of the museum are all open, and you can hire a docent to provide guided tours of the house.

at the time we visited this location the rates range from:
$2,500 for a saturday in peak season ceremony & reception which is an 8 hour contract
$1,000 in off season (nov-mar) for reception only which is just a 7 hour contract

the garden seats only 75, but you can have 180 with a standing reception
the indoor room seats75, but you can have 150 standing

2hrs for setup
1hr for clean-up
valet parking for 20 cars, all others may park across the street
garden and indoor room no matter what space you prefer to use
2 sets of restrooms that are accessible indoors and outdoors
open valentine museum for guests
all tables and chairs from the garden
large room for bridal changing area or even daycare if you choose
one year membership to the museum/history center

additional fees:
optional docent for wickham house tours ($20/hr)
security for anything beyond 5pm ($20/hr)

the house does mandate that you do all rentals through them.  they have a rental company they work exclusively with and they get a pretty good discount through them too (i’ve compared prices to check).  the nice thing about this is they arrange everything for you, just tell them what you want.

they do also require that you use one of their selected caterers.  at the time we looked into this location they have 8 to choose from. 

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