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March 16, 2010

formspring pt3

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sorry gals, i didn’t mean to make you feel bad… but i’ll definitely keep taking questions : )

my homegirl stealthnerd asked…

Without going into details (because I know you keep it anonymous here), what is your job? Or maybe not so much what is the job, but more, what do you do/what field is it in?

my job, as recorded through my employer, has a very generic title.  it contains the word “Manager” which we all know can mean one of two things – it sounds like you have way more responsibility than you do or you have way more responsibility than someone with that title should have.  and for me it’s a little bit of both, i play up the former on my resume : )
since i’m not going to give out my title i will tell you this – i work in the entertainment industry.  that sounds so fancy.  and i’m not a stripper dancer.  within the entertainment industry i am focused on the marketing and retail side.  i’m not sure if that gives you any idea of what i actually do but it’s so hard to describe anyway.  i will say that it’s afforded me many opportunities to do things and meet people that not everyone gets.  i’ve become wholly accustomed to the VIP treatment and i adore my photo album of me and so many people i’m proud to have met.  i’ve developed some very distinct opinions on the way of celebrities – there are 2 kinds: those who are total a-holes and think that just because their time is longer than 15 minutes that they’re better than everyone else they come in contact with, and there are the other kind – the ones who are honored and humbled to have the opportunities they have, to have the support from fans, and to be able to make someone’s day simply by signing something for them.  i love these people – i have a couple of personal favorites in the athletic world that i wish were my best friends for this reason.
as much as am not a fan of my current employer i’m thrilled to still have access to this industry and i really can’t imagine the day when i change career paths… between my last 2 jobs i’ve been in the entertainment side for about 6 years, that’s crazy to even say.


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  1. Ooooh, it *does* sound fancy! And fun!

    Comment by stealthnerd — March 16, 2010 @ 2:12 pm

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