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April 1, 2010

one more for the road

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i’m torn

i’ve always bitched about anything i needed to on here.  i’ve ranted and rambled on and on and on.  i’ve been fairly anonymous and that allowed me to gripe about my family and how insane they make me (and how not insane they make me by comparison).

and i’ve spent 2 years writing posts almost daily.  and writing even more drafts.  my process has been to have a thought, jot it down into a draft and then expand upon it when i was feelin’ it.  needless to say there are plenty of drafts i’ve never felt like elaborating any further than that simple fragmented thought.  

so i’ve realized that maybe i don’t NEED to elaborate on every single thought.  and voila, there is a blogging format for that.  one that is better suited to posting a simple thought. bing. done. another thought. done. etc.

and i debated and debated writing this, posting this.  because i’ve changed formats.  i thought i could easily continue to keep up posting here and over there.  i’ve been really happy over there, not focusing on the bitching, the complaining, the negative.  even though that’s all a part of me, i feel so much better not FOCUSING on that.  it’s been so nice to feel more fun and happy with my blogging.

don’t get me wrong, i know i could have easily just changed what i have been blogging here, but that means i’d never have a place for people in my real life to keep up with me.  i’ve enjoyed the anonimity but it’s also nice writing for people that know me.

and i’m torn on how i feel about people writing these posts.  these Peace Out posts.  because on one hand i think it’s kinda pompous to write about how your blog has served it’s purpose and now you’re moving on and all you sorry readers can keep blogging until your life is more fulfilling… or something like that.  and on the other hand there are SO MANY blogs i read daily and looked forward to that just stopped writing at some point.  it’s kinda sad, i’m a closure person, i need it. 

so i feel okay writing this because i’m not leaving the blog world, just changing directions.  and i’m happy.  and so looking forward to blogging FOREVER! or maybe not, who knows.

anyway, i’m no longer anonymous in my new blogging identity but if you want to follow me i’ll let you know where to find me.

i’m going to miss notsojenny but until i figure out how to comment on other people’s blogs with my new blog name you’ll still see me around, and i have zero plans to stop reading blogs.  what else would i do during business hours??


March 18, 2010


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in case you’re not able to access my wordpress dashboard (which you can’t unless you’re, well, me) i’m going to let you in on my stats.

i’ve commented before on the random things that send people to my blog. 

ever since i started blogging wedding stuff “babys breath” or something of that nature has been my highest search.  i assume it’s solely because of the large number of photos on my bouquet page with that in their title.

this is followed immediately by a disturbingly high result of people finding my blog via “bumpits”.  so random.  not sure if those people are unhappy when they read my page or not.

but more recently the search for “simponi commercial shoes” has reached new heights and i’m shocked every day to see that so many people are landing on my page because they’re curious about the shoes too.

and Lloyd from the Houston Galleria Nordstrom just did something brilliant – something not enough people out there do to capture an audience using social networking to find something they’re looking to purchase.  he responded to my post – and now we have an answer folks!  check it out here! 

unfortunately they’re out of my new budget price range but at least now all the people landing on my page will get the answer they’re looking for!

THANKS Lloyd!!

March 17, 2010

letters to them

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Dear Baltimore,
Thank You!!  Thank you so much!  The other week I took my husband on a quick birthday trip to visit you and see an incredible band (one of his long time favorites) and you made the trip worth more than the incredible amount of pennies dollars i spent!  Every single person we encountered from the moment we stepped out of our car at the valet port was INCREDIBLY polite.  The courtesies that were imparted on us and the generosity of all we came in contact with was notable.  The meal at Cinghiale was AWESOME in the truest sense of the word and the breakfast at Miss Shirley’s was a southern gem.  We can’t wait to visiting again!
Thank you so much!

Dear Parents in front me at checkout at the Exchange,
Please pay attention to your children.  Please teach them common courtesy and respect for things that aren’t theirs.  I don’t think the next customers to buy ANY of the candy bars in the checkout aisle will be pleased when they realize that your son went through and single-handedly broke every single one!  And you just stood there, fighting with your daughter who wouldn’t let go of the skittles and when you did finally say something to your child it was just to get moving, nothing about how he shouldn’t be doing that.  And i know you know better, you have more respect than that, i know because you’re military.  You’re not saving the lives of Americans so they can have the freedom to buy the candy bars your son broke.
Thanks in advance for starting to parent your child,

Dear HBO,
Due to unfortunate timing of our wedding and selling of our house we didn’t get to see the final episode of True Blood, last season.  And it’s KILLING ME!  We watched this show from the very beginning and it became part of our Sunday night ritual and we’re very much looking forward to its return.  But please, PLEASE, put the season Finale on the OnDemand roster.  Please, I’ll send you cookies.
Your faithful viewers,
notsojenny & M

Dear Body Shop,
You made my day!  When i stopped in to pick up the newest scent of body butter and the girl up front told me “It goes on sale tomorrow” with a fake sad face i wanted to cry.  Luckily the girl in charge had more sympathy and sent her in the back to get me one anyway!  It was great, I would have been pleased to end it there but there was more, so much more.  I purchased yet another box of tagalongs from the girl scouts selling INSIDE of your store, just awesome. And, despite the 2 boxes of choco/peanut buttery goodness i’ve already eaten, the girl checking me out at the register told me my skin was “Beautiful!” she went on to gush about it, said it “looks perfect!” even, and it made my day.  If i had a secret it’s the Vitamin E lotion you sell me!  And to top it all off i got a STEAL on the body butter… i bought the $5 bag that made everything 50% off and then got ot use my husband’s $10 birthday coupon!  i pretty much got it for free and you STILL gave me free samples! 
I love you!

Dear States below the Mason Dixon line,
It is NOT adequate to celebrate St. Patrick’s day ONLY on the weekends that surround it.  I understand holding parades and other festivities on the weekends as it will garner the most attendance but St. Pat’s is STILL March 17th.  No matter what day of the week that falls on!  Please make sure your bars are aware of this, orange, white and green decorations should be up, irish tunes should be playing (even more so Irish Bands!) and green beer is definitely in order. Please stop ignoring this holiday on it’s ACTUAL day!
Happy St. Pats!



~ today i learned… not only does St Patty’s day celebrate St. Patrick but it’s held on March 17th because that’s the day he died ~

March 12, 2010

well hello

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you weren’t here yesterday, but it’s so nice to see you!

March 5, 2010

making beautiful music together

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i’ve expressed to M on more than one occasion that i want a piano.

i want a real live piano.  in our house.

then want to take piano lessons.

we had a piano in our house growing up but i never got to take lessons and now the piano is gone and i so want one.  it’s not like the tambourine thing where it now sits on a shelf collecting dust.  okay, maybe it’s like that but i still want a piano.

and this only furthered the reason why… i want this to be us in 40 years!

An elderly couple walked into the lobby of the Mayo Clinic for a checkup and spotted a piano. They’ve been married for 62 years and he’ll be 90 this year. Check out this impromptu performance. We are only as old as we feel, it’s all attitude. Enjoy! They certainly do

February 18, 2010

these things and more

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  • it’s amazing how motivating simply turning off the G-D television is.  hey, look at me, i actually have thoughts!  i am capable of doing things!  i need to remember this.
  • who knew that sitting indian style on a couch for 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week would make your knees hurt?  it’s to the point where by the time i’m getting up for lunch i want to cry they hurt so bad.  for some reason other sitting positions just aren’t comfortable.  i can’t explain why.  must find another way to sit…
  • i wonder if the term “indian style” is offensive to native americans? 
  • thank heavens for my dog.  besides how much more lonely and bored i’d be beyond what i already am at least he has to go outside to poop.  and this makes me get out, breathe in the lovely fresh air, and move my legs.  as in walk.  it’s such a little thing but it helps immensely.
  • i have no clue why i decided to make the 24 cupcake box rather than the 12.  i’m still trying to eat at least 2 cupcakes a day so they don’t go bad but sometimes just looking at them makes me want to barf.  i love cupcakes and icing but there comes a point…
  • 3yr olds don’t get sarcasm.  when my nieces were leaving from their stop-by visit i mentioned that next time they come we’ll go to the beach!  and the littlest one informed me that they have TWO beaches and “one hath choo-choo  thrains” to which i replied “oh, well all we have at our beach is fighter jets and dolphins.”  she nodded, gave me a sympathetic look and sighed a “yah”. 
  • last weekend M and i topped off a wonderful visit to the RIC, to have an amazing lunch with awesome friends, with a stop at the outlets on the way home.  and after many many years of saying “no thanks.” i finally gave in.  ONLY because we got 25% off by opening a Banana card.  it’s official.  i’m a sucker.  but i can totally justify it… we get deals at BR, Gap, and Old Navy (not that i ever shop those but maybe i should) and we already earned a $10 coupon!  also, i’m pretty sure that Gap & Old Navy maternity will come in handy one day.  don’t even get me started on BabyGap!
  • did i forget to mention that it also helped me justify this coat purchase.  it’s the most perfect weight spring coat(igan).  i’m in lust!  spring can not come soon enough!  the ruffles go all the way around… have i mentioned that i’m over the moon with the ruffles & pleats trend that started last year?  bows was not my thing but ruffles and pleats, oh how i adore thee.
  • it’s really nice to have your big sister, who you’ve always looked up to, constantly comment on how much she likes your stuff (clothes, bags, etc.) and be so excited to get to go shopping with you.  i’m not a fashion plate by any means but it’s still pretty darn cool.  now if i could only get her to appreciate the TJ Maxx/Marshalls option and realize that it’s worth running through there every other week or so.  the money you can save is totally worth it. 
  • my sister and i managed to do a quick shopping trip on her visit and i’m completely jealous of the bag we found for her.  i spent too much time talking her into it and eventually thought i might talk her out of it just so i could have it!  i’m still kinda jealous.  i may or may not have been searching the internet for it since then.
  • in an effort to clean our place up we kinda shoved everything that will eventually go into the office, well, into the office.  but unfortunately it looks like this right now… i HAVE TO start on changing it this weekend.  either that or start keeping the door closed.



~ today i learned… Washington’s farewell address has been read in the US Senate on Feb. 22nd every year since 1888 ~

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