it’s always like this

westover plantation

this is yet another of the james river plantations (one of the only 2 that are currently operating and will rent for events)

as much as i love berkeley i was smitten with westover.  it just felt more cozy.  i loved that it was so close to the water and all the land was behind it.  being that it’s still a residence they’re a little less touristy and not quite as flexible with schedules.  i really could imagine doing a tented reception on the front lawn in between the house and the water.  you could take some amazing pictures among the stables, gardens, etc.  the landscaping here is very lush and dramatic… it feels like you’re stepping back in time!

the contact info was extremely hard to find but once i did i learned that at the time we were looking here the rates were:
Saturdays ONLY
1hr for ceremony 4hrs for reception
ranging from $2,000 to $5,700 depending on the number of people in attendance (from 50 to 400)
includes: um, the land?  no restrooms or anything but it’s really a gorgeous place!

we decided not to look into this one any further as we already knew we were planning a friday wedding.  although if given the choice i would definitely pick this over berkeley just because of the beauty and it wouldn’t take nearly as much decor to fill the space.

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