it’s always like this

101 things about me

i’ve seen that alot of people do these… i figured i’d start one and some day i’d finish it too

so here it is

  1. i’m 5’7″ … or i’m really 5’6 1/2″…okay, okay, i’m 5’6″   but for some reason i really want to be 5’7″
  2. i think every food is better with at least one of the following: bacon, gravy, salt, butter, or mayo
  3. i get upset when people tell me my hair is black… it’s dark brown
  4. the dad from wonder years once held my hand in both of his and told me i was beautiful
  5. i still wear a pair of pants that i bought my freshman year of high school um, yah, i’ve gained a few since writing this
  6. i was born in california
  7. when i talk about growing up in CT or that my parents are from MD, i’m always afraid that people are going to think i’m adopted so i make it clear that my family moved around alot
  8. i’m lactose intolerant.  i often forget this and have to relearn the hard way
  9. i only eat soup i can see through… i have many issues with food texture
  10. i ate my first baked potato in 2006.  now i crave baked potatoes on a daily basis but i refuse to eat mashed potatoes (see #9)
  11. i golf.  i took lessons to learn how when i was pursuing M since he was/is an avid golfer
  12. i dated my golf instructor for a little while.  i wish i hadn’t because he was a great instructor and i need lessons again
  13. i prefer snow banks to beaches but love being tan
  14. people often assume i’m portuguese or italian because of my skin & hair.  i’m neither.
  15. i love going to the casinos but i only play blackjack
  16. i watch sad movies when i’m already depressed just to have an excuse to cry
  17. S and i got a tattoos when i turned 18.  we both often forget we have them and realize it was something we easily could have lived without… i without looking i can’t even tell you what side it’s on
  18. i keep a list of major things i want to accomplish each year.  since these things are usually $ intensive, the lists are typically under 5 items
  19. invisalign has been on my list every year.  but i think it’s going to get bumped… again – my invisalign will be complete in April ’09 two days before my wedding
  20. i take anywhere from 25 – 55 minutes in the shower.  i can just stand there under the hot water for hours if given the opportunity
  21. i will leave and re-enter my apt. our house an average of 2 times before being able to go anywhere.  i’m always running out in a hurry and forgetting one thing at a time.
  22. i’m a photo junky.  i have pictures of everything.  i have boxes and boxes of photos.  i have many albums lying around with different themes
  23. i don’t ever change a photo in a frame.  once it’s cut to fit and it looks good, i feel like that’s it’s home.  i have many frames i love that have been banished to boxes because of the photo that is in them
  24. when i’ve been shopping and can’t find anything that looks good on me, i buy shoes to bring my spirits up
  25. i typically hate all most of my clothes but feel that i can distract from a bad outfit with great shoes
  26. i was a bitch to serena altschul once because i was in a bad mood, after i realized who she was i felt bad… but i shouldn’t have just because she’s famous
  27. i don’t wear or own much jewelry, and only 2 pieces of yellow gold
  28. when i enter a hospital my heart and mind begin racing… it’s something about needles and my fear of them plus the hospital smells, i tend to pass out after being there too long
  29. i’ve been wearing my silver claddagh for 10 years on my right hand.  i’m very serious about this ring and get upset when i realize i’ve put it on upside down – i no longer wear this as putting an engagement ring on my left hand bumped my parents’ ring to my right hand and my claddagh to the jewlery box
  30. my mother had a ring made out of her & my father’s wedding bands.  i’ve been wearing this on my left hand since the day i got it.  it’s easily my most prized possession.– moved to the right hand, see above
  31. i’m kinda superstitious.  i tend to look for signs in things
  32. i always go with my gut.  always.
  33. there are many days when i never get out of my pajamas (i work pt from home)
  34. i let my sink fill up with dishes before i wash them because i don’t like the way my hands feel after washing dishes
  35. i have hundreds of cds but am not head over heels about any single one
  36. i buy movies to complete my collections, not because i intend on watching them
  37. john legend’s guitarist inappropriately rubbed himself against me and invited me to shaq’s party at the superbowl one year
  38. i bartended for a few years and am so glad i did it.  it was a great time!
  39. i’ve been knocked unconscious by running head first into someone
  40. i love roller coasters.  i would ride them every day if it were possible
  41. i’ve been skydiving
  42. i love fruit.  this often ruins my meal because i’ll fill up on it
  43. i used to fill up on bread and shirley temples before every meal growing up (even though i was aptly warned)
  44. when i was little i’d stick my finger inside of rolls and pull out the warm, squishy part of the bread, leaving a hard hollow shell.  i always got in trouble for placing the “shells” back in the bread basket.
  45. i was knocked out of being the elementary school spelling bee champ in my state on the word “stevedore” which is still think is a bs word
  46. i still have favorite school subjects: english & math
  47. i was a cheerleader in hs and ran hurdles.  i wish there was an outlet for these in adult life
  48. i wish i’d grown up in the 50s & 60s.  i really love the clothes and leading men
  49. i’ve never been to las vegas
  50. i’m resistant to change but i do adapt to change quite well.  i really enjoy new places and things
  51. i write everything down.  i especially like to make lists of things with little check boxes to mark off
  52. i manage 3 different calendars for myself.  my outlook, my day planner, and my wall calendar in the kitchen.  all 3 contain the same info but i need to make sure i record it everywhere, just in case.  this sometimes creates chaos.
  53. in hs i wrote down what i wore in my day planner every day.  this way i avoided wearing the same outfit for the same classes or for going out with the same people
  54. i know the words to almost every song from 1950 – 1969
  55. i really really want to have a baby. 
  56. i’m scared to death of actually being pregnant and of having to give birth
  57. i left college before graduating.  i can justify it, and am completely happy with my decision, but sometimes i get nervous that i made a mistake and one day it will bite me in the butt… so far it hasn’t
  58. i despise whistling.  i think it’s the worst sound in the world.  i have never told M this because he whistles sometimes, and i don’t want him to always have to feel like he can’t do it around me… but it makes me shudder when i hear it
  59. i’ve always wanted to get my ears pinned back.  i know that i’ll never go through with it (see #28)
  60. i’m a lefty and i love it!  i think everyone should be one… i’m trying to convince my nieces
  61. i don’t like cruciferous vegetables.  i don’t even like smelling them from across the room
  62. i have super smelling powers that are a blessing and a curse
  63. i once had a dream that dolly parton was my best friend
  64. i learned to drive long before i was 15 and was in very very big trouble when my parents found that out after i took our car out when they were away one night… i think i’m still supposed to be grounded for that
  65. my dad once grounded me “until kids are wearing jets on their roller skates”
  66. i hold onto things with sentimental value even though they’re just taking up space
  67. i love the smell of pipe tobacco.  especially in the can
  68. every new state i visit i get a magnet in the shape of that state to add to my fridge map
  69. whenever i travel to a new place i like, i also like to pick up a koozie as my souvenier
  70. i’d never been off this continent before going to Provo last summer
  71. i want a tivo… but haven’t been able to justify the cost yet
  72. i’ve eaten a yogurt (almost) every single day since 2005
  73. i prefer miracle whip over mayo
  74. i go through love/hate phases with every fast food chain.  i’m currently in a love BK/hate McD phase
  75. i adopted a college to root for when i moved here since mine isn’t very exciting.  now i’m a hokie all the way!
  76. i totalled the first car i purchased before i made my first payment
  77. i’m the baby in my family and live up to the role sometimes
  78. learning to sail is on my 10 year goal plan (which is up in 2013)
  79. i always wished i was in a sorority
  80. until recently i always thought i’d be famous and/or filthy rich when i grew up.  i’ve recently realized that time is running out on that
  81. i was one step away from going to masseuse school.  i still think it would have been a fun job except i don’t like touching strangers
  82. i kick my shoes off whenever i have a chance, but i don’t like my bare feet to touch the ground/floor
  83. i don’t know if i’ll ever get over being at odds with my dad when he died
  84. my sister and i are exactly like my mother.  but we try to keep each other in check
  85. i strongly believe that everything, everything, happens for a reason
  86. i wear sunglasses when there’s even the slightest glimpse of sunlight because i’m afraid of getting crow’s feet
  87. i make spreadsheets about everything i can
  88. i plan out what i’m going to do with my millions every time i buy a lotto ticket.  i even do the math out on paper, sometimes a spreadsheet.
  89. i’m jealous of people that smell like laundry all day.  i do everything i can to get mine smelling good, but i feel like the scent disappears somewhere between the closet and my body
  90. i have a sister that’s 3 yrs older than me but people used to mistake us for twins
  91. my mother and i look alike.  the only way you can tell our childhood pictures apart are hers are b&w and mine are in sepia tones
  92. i’m an ESTJ.  if you know what that means, you’re probably one too
  93. 13 going on 30 is my guilty pleasure movie
  94. i have a mutt(tobie) and a lhasa (peanut) that live with my mom.  i bought both of them but couldn’t take them when i moved since it’s hard to find places that allow pups… i miss them very much
  95.  i really, really, really want a french bulldog now
  96. i’m a libra.  and i think that defines me pretty well
  97. i dislike the color pink.  especially the really light shades.
  98. i’ve always felt like i’m pretending to be where i’m supposed to be in life.  i’m currently pretending to be an adult, i don’t know if i’ll ever feel like one… or like what i think they feel like… whatever that means
  99. green is my favorite color… but there are a couple of shades i don’t dig
  100. i’ve been completely out of debt since 2006 and don’t ever want to go back
  101. i have zero patience!  so the fact that it’s taken me over 4 weeks to complete this is unheard of!



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