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March 24, 2010

life 101

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home ec. isn’t the only thing i think is missing from schools today. then again, i don’t think schools have ever taught us things that are so damn important, things people should KNOW.  while yes, chemistry, calculus, and social studies are important to our general knowledge they also just help you figure out what you want to conitue to specialize in when you get to college.  and while that’s great people still come out of school, MBAs in hand, with absolutely NO knowledge of things they’re still going to have to deal with or how to do them.  i feel like, as an adult, there are so many things i’ve encountered after school that i WISH someone had taught me to do.

so maybe i’ll start a school, let’s call it Real Life Community College Prep School, here are the classes you’ll be required to take:

You & The IRS
Course description:  have you ever wondered how to fill out those tax forms when you start a new job?  this course will tell you what boxes you should be checking and how many exemptions you should be claiming to get the results you want.  you’ll also learn how to file your taxes, at least the simple 1040 & EZ forms, so you don’t lose your money to Turbo Tax or HR Block.
Necessary supplies: a calculator (or a phone with a calculator function because let’s face it, that’s what we all really use!)

Funding Your Future
Course description:
you need to start saving for your future with your first job.  don’t wake up one day in your late 20’s and realize that you never started a 401k.  the sooner you start saving the less you feel the pain and the richer you’ll be when you retire… because i’m preeeetty sure Social Security won’t be around when you do.
Required reading: any of the David Bach Finish Rich series, but then you might not need to come to class

Pregnancy – The Ugly Truth
Course description:
  So you’ve heard it’s painful and you think health class has told you everything you’ll need to know.  think again!  you have no idea what pregnancy entails until you go through it yourself and half way through you may think – is it too late to change my mind?  this course will also give you the basic skills you need, like changing a diaper so that you don’t wind up many decades later never having changed a diaper until your first child is born (hi M, i love you!)
Required reading: Jenny McCarthy’s Belly Laughs

Confidence: Learned, Not Earned
Course description: In this course you’ll learn the little tips and tricks to portarying confidence – use it as you wish: to score a job, score a chick, or just act like you know what you’re doing.  
Course elements:
1.1 No one likes limp – especially in a handshake
2.1 Pajamas are for sleeping – clothes do in fact make the man, don’t dress like a fool
2.2 Know your shapes – there is a flattering look for every body size and shape, learn yours
3.1 Flattery will get you everywhere – a how to

Parental Appreciation
Course description:
It’s never too early to gain an appreciation for what your parents have done in their lives, to provide for you, and to better your family.  you WILL gain this appreciation once you reach adulthood but your life will be so much richer if you learn these lessons earlier.
Prerequisite: having parents who didn’t beat/abuse/abandon you in any way

what courses would you like to have had before you were set off into the Real World?


  1. Wow…it’s like you were hanging out in my brain this week because after your home ec post I was thinking about how many basic life skills that SO many people are clueless about! Okay, I like your course list so far but to that I would add:

    Laundry 101
    Course Description: Learn what temperature each load should be set on, how to separate colors, how to hand wash items, how to iron. Students will also cover basic repairs–mending holes, replacing buttons, etc.
    (You would not believe how many boys I encountered in the laundry room freshman year who didn’t even know what dryer sheets were!)

    Balancing your checkbook
    Course Description: Many students find themselves in debt after being unable to balance the book fund with the beer and fast food fund (aka the necessities vs. the desires). Learn how to balance your checkbook, establish a savings account, the basics.
    (This would be the supplement course to your course about 401Ks)

    Basics of home care
    Course Description: Students will learn how to dust, polish, mop, sweep, vacuum, load/empty the dishwasher, hand wash dishes, empty trash cans, clean showers, clean toilets. Students will be graded on the quality of the cleaning job as well as the frequency in which they will be able to complete these tasks. This class will also cover such topics as how/when to replace light bulbs, toilet paper (both purchasing as well as replacing the roll), paper towels (same principals as the TP), dish soap, dishwasher detergent.
    (If my last roommate had taken this course, perhaps I wouldn’t have spent 2 years wanting to kill her.)

    I think that about covers my additions haha! :P

    Comment by stealthnerd — March 24, 2010 @ 11:12 am

  2. ahhh, so. freakin. true.

    In high school, I took a class called ‘personal finance’ which was easily the most valuable class i have ever taken. EVER. we learned about balancing your check book, the good bad and ugly of credit cards and a bunch of other stuff. I learned so much in that class. The sad thing was, I took it because it was the only elective that fit into myschedule. I really felt as if the school should have pushed students to choose it.

    After I graduated from college, I always said that I wish there had been some sort of ‘senior seminar’ class. We had fresman seminar, which i think a lot of schools have. I never took it, but one of my roommates did and it basically gave you a crash course in our college campus and some other pointers to get your four years successfully started. After the fact, I wish i had taken the class. But what about a senior seminar, which would actually be a lot like some of your courses. How to make heads and tails of health insurance – because you’re going to have to figure it out fast when you get kicked off your parent’s insurance on graduation day, how to fill out your tax forms (did you write that course description about me? because i definitely filled mine out wrong one time and got screwed come tax time, big time), etc. etc.

    So many people lack basic skills & knowledge. I had a roommate in college that was a nursing major. She would go on and on about her 4.0 and all this other crap. One of teh smartest book smart people i know? absolutely. one of the dumbest people i know when it comes to everything else EXCEPT nursing school? oh geez, i didn’t even have words for some of the questions she asked or things she did they were so dumb. there is a lot to be said for ‘street smarts’.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — March 24, 2010 @ 1:22 pm

  3. I think a lot of young people would benefit from a credit card course!

    Comment by Jackie — March 25, 2010 @ 2:10 pm


    Comment by LiLu — March 29, 2010 @ 2:04 pm

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