it’s always like this

visions of weddings

these pages will be filled with all the images i’ve clipped over time (time = the past 6+ mos. that i’ve been pre-planning this long-awaited wedding that we’re now going to rush).  i’ve been reading most wedding blogs out there and have seen such great ideas.  it’s these images that will help me show my mom what i’m envisioning, the caterers, whoever.  it’s these images that i’m going to steal all of my ideas from to put it all together.  it may be one disaster in the end, but it’ll be our disaster.  so here’s what i see out there and hope i can kind of measure up to.  of course for each image there’s one reason i like it, for some it’s the colors in gerenal, for some if the feeling it conveys, for some it’s the actual item sitting on the table, etc., etc., etc.

i have so many pictures but since M and i have been looking at them we’re narrowing the elements down and i’ll have an entire page here to post just the elements we will be using.

*i apologize to everyone on the interweb as i never recorded where i’d found any of these images, i just right click save as.  so if this is your image and you’d like credit please let me know and i’ll be happy to add your info.

as far as getting to the final vision here’s the process through posts so far…

the where –
another location
ah yes, another venue
ceremony location debacle
ceremony location decision
reception location final decision = Valentine Museum

the when –
what day
final date = a Friday in late August

my dress search –
search 1
search 2
search 3
search 4
search 5
final decision = Tara Keely

the little details –
bridesmaids dresses
what else will i wear
welcome baskets
name changes
post party dress
all still more to come!

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  1. “right click, save as” is my favorite function when looking at those sites. :)

    Comment by DanceintheRain — December 11, 2008 @ 3:48 pm

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