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April 1, 2010

one more for the road

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i’m torn

i’ve always bitched about anything i needed to on here.  i’ve ranted and rambled on and on and on.  i’ve been fairly anonymous and that allowed me to gripe about my family and how insane they make me (and how not insane they make me by comparison).

and i’ve spent 2 years writing posts almost daily.  and writing even more drafts.  my process has been to have a thought, jot it down into a draft and then expand upon it when i was feelin’ it.  needless to say there are plenty of drafts i’ve never felt like elaborating any further than that simple fragmented thought.  

so i’ve realized that maybe i don’t NEED to elaborate on every single thought.  and voila, there is a blogging format for that.  one that is better suited to posting a simple thought. bing. done. another thought. done. etc.

and i debated and debated writing this, posting this.  because i’ve changed formats.  i thought i could easily continue to keep up posting here and over there.  i’ve been really happy over there, not focusing on the bitching, the complaining, the negative.  even though that’s all a part of me, i feel so much better not FOCUSING on that.  it’s been so nice to feel more fun and happy with my blogging.

don’t get me wrong, i know i could have easily just changed what i have been blogging here, but that means i’d never have a place for people in my real life to keep up with me.  i’ve enjoyed the anonimity but it’s also nice writing for people that know me.

and i’m torn on how i feel about people writing these posts.  these Peace Out posts.  because on one hand i think it’s kinda pompous to write about how your blog has served it’s purpose and now you’re moving on and all you sorry readers can keep blogging until your life is more fulfilling… or something like that.  and on the other hand there are SO MANY blogs i read daily and looked forward to that just stopped writing at some point.  it’s kinda sad, i’m a closure person, i need it. 

so i feel okay writing this because i’m not leaving the blog world, just changing directions.  and i’m happy.  and so looking forward to blogging FOREVER! or maybe not, who knows.

anyway, i’m no longer anonymous in my new blogging identity but if you want to follow me i’ll let you know where to find me.

i’m going to miss notsojenny but until i figure out how to comment on other people’s blogs with my new blog name you’ll still see me around, and i have zero plans to stop reading blogs.  what else would i do during business hours??

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