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March 16, 2010

formspring myself

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okay, since no one else wants to, i’m forced to makeup questions and answer them at this point so here are some questions asked by no one…

notsojenny you’re so cool, i just can’t imagine being cool enough to be your friend, i can’t imagine why no one left you bloggy questions.  but i was wondering – do you think M is going to be a good dad?
why thank you, you really are too kind stranger.  and i know he is.  he’s even an amazing doggy daddy.  no matter what it is, he’s incredibly certain to always make sure that other people’s needs are being met… he’s going to be awesome!  i can’t wait!  plus he has so much wisdom to impart – i really hope our child’s temperament comes from him and not me.

you often say you’re lazy.  are you really that lazy?
um, yah.  M can vouch for this.  i leave stuff everywhere.  he says i’m like that little girl in Signs who leaves glasses 1/4 full of water everywhere.  except mine’s glasses of juice or cans of soda… all almost empty.  i leave clean dishes in the dishwasher.  i have 3 distinct piles of clothes on the floor at all times – 1) clean & needs to be put away, 2) dirty, 3) worn but can still be worn again before going to the “dirty” pile.  i’ll put things off for the entire day and then bust my butt to get them done at the end of the night.  he’ll ask me to do the laundry and i’ll start it but i’ll forget to flip it until he reminds me and then i’ll say “yep, i’ll do it” and i’ll actually do it by the 3rd time he asks me about it.  i’m quite lazy.

why are your posts so long?
i’m sorry.  i know.  i am bothered by this too but it’s me.  i’m wordy.  long-winded.  whatever, i talk a lot.  and this is exactly how i would tell you things face to face or over the phone too.  for whatever reason i feel the need to give every detail.  every.  single.  detail.  i think it helps me feel like you’ll understand what i’m saying better.  i’m afraid if i leave any little detail out it will be taken a different way.  it drives me nuts when i try to tell a short story and someone says “oh well if (insert something here) had happened it would have worked” and then i have to say, “no, that DID happen and it still went that way” etc.  does that make sense?  believe it or not i do reread most of my posts and try to abbreviate them whenever possible… and what you see IS the short version.  i’m sorry. i understand that you have to settle into my posts with a cup of coffee or a meal.  i would love to have one of those blogs that i love reading where they have short posts that tell the whole story so succinctly.  it’s just not me.    i’m a windbag.

how’s the baby fever lately? you’ve gone an entire week without posting about it!
it’s still there.  raging more some days than others.  even though i may not have published anything about it i have a ton of drafts lying in wait, and there will be PLENTY of baby fever posts coming your way!



~ today i learned… Irish is the 3rd most common ancestry in Americans (behind English and German respectively) ~

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  1. Oh geeze, now I feel like a bad reader! I didn’t even ask you any questions :( But I’m totally as lazy as you are…I have the same 3 laundry piles sitting in our apartment right now too haha!

    And, okay, let me think of a question here…hm…okay, how about this:

    Without going into details (because I know you keep it anonymous here), what is your job? Or maybe not so much what is the job, but more, what do you do/what field is it in?

    Comment by stealthnerd — March 16, 2010 @ 1:16 pm

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