it’s always like this

flowers – bouquet

yes, there is a common thread to flowers i like, it’s white and full/puffy

pretty-boquet-green     white mums mcall-0 baby-breath-boquet1  boquet-1    bouquet-wrapping    flower-shades  flowers-bright-shapes  fluffy-bouquet  light-boquet-tight    peach-boquet  peonie-boquet      ranunculus-boquet      tan-bouquet  whites-peaches    001_sec04 6a00e5503c8898883301156e535861970c-320wi 012_sec01 026_lawson-irbys 110 bouguqet-plush-white browns-n-whites cabbage-roses flower-boquet-white flower-colors fluffy-flower-arrange LacyJustin green-rose-boquet_300 ivoryish-bouquet mwa102576_win07_tweedia_xl n51850479973_2195710_5522477 p11 peonie-boquet wrap



  1. […] will most likely be using or at least are still in the running to be used are (you can see all the flower images i’m using for inspiration over in my wedding section)… white carnations = remembrance […]

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  2. […] been my highest search.  i assume it’s solely because of the large number of photos on my bouquet page with that in their […]

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