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March 22, 2010

home ec.

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starting in middle school we were forced into Home Economics classes.  a certain range of classes were required, basically you had to take everything once.  from there you got to choose which types of classes you wanted to take more of.

everyone my age that came through my school system has some knowledge of:
metal shop
and cooking

and these are very valuable skills.  but i’m hearing from many people that these aren’t in most schools anymore, and the schools who did have them are pulling them.

what?!? why?

i mean, sure, there’s not much i do in my every day life that requires me to make piggy banks from plastic or creating pottery and firing it in the kiln.  but i could if i needed to.
and most of these are VERY handy skills. 

metal shop – i know how to bend, sharpen, file down, puncture and drill into metal because of this class.  while i don’t use the skills every day they’ve definitely come in handy when i’m being handy around the house or putting something together.
woodworking – one of the most useful classes in my opinion.  especially for girls.  i don’t know many girls who were brought up to be as handy around the house as my mom raised me to be but taking these lessons away from girls just reinforces the helpless female syndrome.  you need to know how to saw and drill.  you just do.  there are plenty of projects around our house that i’ve offered to M for the summer and if he doesn’t want to do them – i will.  because i know how to use the saw and i can make the shelves myself.  it’s VERY useful.
sewing – how the HECK do people survive not knowing how to sew??  i don’t get it.  you don’t need to know how to make your own wardrobe but even sewing a button back on or putting a whip stitch in a hem is so freakin valuable.  how will kids today mend their own clothes??  no, i don’t have all the pillows or stuffed animals i created in class but i could make them today if i wanted to…
cooking – i can’t cook.  it’s just a fact.  it doesn’t come naturally to me but luckily i married a man who should have a show on food network (i highly recommend this route).  but i CAN bake.  i can bake the shit out of things.  i’m that good.  and while i know it’s mostly because my mom baked, i still learned alot in cooking class.  not long ago i found the recipe for our “master mix” in some old papers and i ‘about died.  how weird of a concept was this?  the idea that you could make this and keep it in your closet and use x# of scoops from it for all recipes is kind of out there, totally unpractical.  and everything ended up tasting like master mix anyway.  but still, learning how to cook things was incredibly useful.  mostly because you made mistakes.  and you learned what happened if you mixed things in the wrong order, or let something cook 2 minutes too long, or whatever.  these are things that are totally useful as an adult.

maybe this is why hobbies have gone away too?

March 11, 2010


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does anyone have hobbies anymore?  why is this still on job applications?

heck, why was it even on there to start with?  does telling the hiring manager that you collect toy trains really increase your chances at getting the job??

but really, if someone asked you today – what are your hobbies? – would you have an answer?

the dictionary definition is:

an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation

a quick search of popular hobbies today gives me the following results:

Playing a musical instrument
Snow Boarding
Mountain Climbing

and something about this just sounds off to me.  okay, gardening, playing an instrument, scrapbooking, photography, those all sound like hobbies to me.  but golf? skiing?  etc, aren’t those just sports?  does that count? 
and by definition if i were to list my “hobbies” would i have to say watching TV, eating, and filling in calendars with colored pens coordinating to the activity?  because, really, those are the only things i do on a regular basis outside of my job.  but i wouldn’t call them “hobbies”.  for some reason the term just doesn’t fit for me, maybe because i don’t get satisfaction from them.

i mean scrapbooking to me seems like the closest thing these days to being an actual hobby.  the people who do it are all hardcore and serious about it and they do it in all their free time.  i’d even say gardening, cooking, or reading books could be hobbies.

but what happened to garnering these kinds of talents?  i feel like it’s somehow the scheduled activity schedules people force on their children these days. 

when i was younger i collected things.  i had a stamp collection that would rival that of the biggest geeks, that was a hobby of mine.  but i was a kid, i had spare time.  as an adult, not so much.  i keep thinking i should have time for something like that, but there’s just. n.o time.  it’s work, clean up, eat dinner, sometimes go to the gym, then off to bed, lather rinse repeat.  the weekends are full of appointments or repairing or organizing the house.

am i alone in this – do you have a hobby?



~ today i learned… flying kites is a popular hobby in east asia and the word comes from that of a graceful bird called the kite ~

March 9, 2010

the bachelor: the bigger message

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yes, the bachelor has been over for a week but i still have this to say –

i think this season’s Final two is representative of girls in general.

i find that there are two types of women out there – the Tenleys and the Viennas of the world.

the Tenleys are everything ABC showed of her.  they’re happy go lucky girls who just exude excitement!  they’re the girl that walks into a room and every girl there immediately feels drawn to her, she’s not threatening in any way.  she makes friends with every female she comes in contact with.  people love her.  other women love being her friend, and lets face it – that’s rare. no one talks shit about a Tenley because they’re just too sugary sweet to find anything tart to speak of.  (ps. the clip of the other girls talking about her cracked me up – i too believe that she does in fact “shit rainbows”)

the Viennas are exactly what you’d expect.  they’re the opposite of Tenley.  they’re kind of abrasive, even when they don’t mean to be.  they tell the truth, they don’t sugar coat.  they have a tendency to rub people the wrong way right off the bat but if you get to know them they’re much more like the Tenleys than you’d guess at first introduction.  Viennas have a hard time making female friends and are often spoken poorly of by other groups of women.  they don’t often get very far with these groups so many are left with a bad taste in their mouth for the Viennas.

myself?  i obviously lean well into the Vienna camp.  but i’ve known my fair share of Tenleys and the entire time i was friends with them i took mental notes.  because i’ve always wanted to be a Tenley, or at least more like one.  i’ve always wanted people to like me and want to get to know me better before deciding they don’t like me… instead of the inverse.  but no matter what i do i can’t seem to get there because when it comes down to the heart of a Tenley i just don’t have it.  i like to think i’m too much of a realist to be THAT happy. 

i know that i’ve always looked to the Tenley types as what i want to be, or at least how i want to be seen… but do the Tenleys see anything in the Viennas they aspire to? 



~ today i learned… Stacy London is actually the HOST of WNTW and Clinton Kelly is the Fashion Consultant ~

March 3, 2010

better late than…

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my period was late recently.

and i freaked out.

like could not sleep.  could not think.  had no appetite.  freaked the f out.

because i worried that i might be pregnant.  WORRIED.  after all the posts i’ve written about my 105° baby fever, me, the girl who wants a baby in her belly yesterday, that same girl worried she was pregnant.

so why did this not make me ecstatic? 

because it wasn’t what i planned.  and while i am so excited to get pregnant some day and am looking forward to starting our family i/we have a plan.  and being pregnant TODAY is not part of that plan. 

but mostly i freaked out because i’d been taking my pills.  i’m really good about that.  i’m not one of those people that sometimes forgets and has to take 2 every other day (okay, that used to be me but i’ve been really good for a few years now). so how could it have happened anyway??  i started running back through the past months in my head… had i forgotten to take one and forgot about that?  had i thrown up maybe and that pill didn’t make it into my system?  was i the .1% that got pregnant on the pill?  what could have happened?!?

because the worst part about it was that if i somehow was pregnant i was afraid no one would believe me.  with my crazy baby fever it would have been pretty obvious to other people that i just stopped taking my pills and was trying to dupe my husband.  heck, i even began to wonder if maybe i’d subconsciously done that.  there’s no way ANYONE would have believed it was an accident.  and that’s the part that bothered me the most.  the idea that that child would be the reason my husband never trusted me again.

ugh, there’s really no point to this post.  i guess it’s just all about the fact that i was super excited when i finally got my period and that made me realize i’m NOT baby crazy.  it’s not just that i want a baby to have a baby… i want us to start our family when we’re ready and this was just further proof that we’re not ready, i’m not ready… not just yet.



~ today i learned… A Star is Born will be released on Blu-Ray this year (the good one, the Judy one) ~

March 2, 2010

only us

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this is what S and i used to say all the time

things were always happening to us, things that didn’t seem to happen to other people.  definitely not with the frequency we experienced them anyway.  the things that happened weren’t necessarily bad or terrible, they were just out of the ordinary.  odd even.

like the time i had to call in to work “stuck to the drive way”.  you read that right, stuck TO the driveway. 
after a week of snow i decided to use the drive thru car wash to get all the salt and chemicals off the undercarriage of my car.  lucky for me the car wash was right across the street.  not lucky for me it was freezing cold out and just driving across the street apparently doesn’t give your car enough time to run all the water out.  and when i got in my car to head to work the next morning i thought maybe my axle was broken, i kept putting it in reverse and it was like my car was going to pull itself off my tires.  that would be because my tires were frozen to the driveway.  i’m not kidding.  no one at work believed me either.  i had to wait until later afternoon when enough sun came out to thaw it up. 

then there’s my neverending windshields.  i could be driving down a deserted road and something would still fly up into my windshield and shatter it. 
sometimes it happened on busy roads, okay, traffic kicking up rocks, i get it.  but one time i was on my side of a divided 4 lane highway, not a car in sight in front of me.  as  a truck whizzed by about 20 ft. away  in the farthest lane on the opposite side of the highway a rock came flying into my windshield.  oh no, even better, the 5+ times birds have slammed into my windshield as i was driving 55mph +.  yah, i get multiple new windshields a year, my insurance company hates me.

or maybe June 10th is the best example. 
one year S had just been given her first car (her parents old clunker) and after school one day i was in the passengar seat when she totalled it on a main drag as we went to the bank.  cut to exactly a year later when we’re driving down that same street, same day, this time her riding shotgun in my new car, and this time my car was totalled only an hour or so later and a mile or so down the same main drag.  coincidence or creepy?

oh no, i’ve got it.  the time M and i were washing dishes and we heard a huge THUD only to find my car wedged under the deck because the e-brake gave out and i never used to leave it in gear (but i do now). i bitched about that.  or maybe it’s the time i made chocolate rice for dinner because i accidentally grabbed the hot cocoa pack and dumped it in instead of the chicken rice seasoning on the opposite counter (ps. it tasted awful, i do not recommend). 

these are just a few examples, there are plenty more occurances but i can only jam so much into a single post.  yes, some of these are just random acts that could have been prevented but really, people don’t usually take these precautions and yet somehow i’m the one always “learning my lesson”.  it’s why my blog is titled “it’s always like this”.



~ today i learned… i can get a serger attachement for my sewing machine!  i will be getting one RIGHT NOW! ~

February 24, 2010

decisions, decisions

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i’ve recently decided…

  •  to no longer pull ALL the grey hairs i find.  only the ones that are grey from stem to stern, or root to tip, or top to bottom… whatever
  • that i will attempt to not purchase an abundance of clothes/accessories in March.  this is the most difficult restriction i’ve ever put on myself but i figure putting it out there to the interwebs makes me more accountable for it.  i originally wrote that i would spend NOTHING on apparel in March and then i realized that i can’t stick to that, it’s just too much, i’m not that strong.  i realize there may be an item or two that i fall prey to the bargains of but my goal is to spend <$40 on apparel for the month.  considering i’ve spent $600+ this year already, wish me luck.
  • to try out the 8am pilates class.  maybe that instructor is actually pilates certified, maybe not, either way it can’t be any worse than the evening class i despise going to.
  • i don’t like the new format of “16 & Pregnant” on MTV… it’s like they crammed 2 shows into one.  what happened to the old way of following the teens around while they were pregnant?  and then moving them to “Teen Mom” after they have their baby?  booo MTV!   (i also don’t like that in watching an entire hour of MTV you can see every Proactive spokesperson EVER)
  • to rededicate myself to my job.  since it’s not looking like anyone else wants to hire me any time soon i might as well try to maintain some sort of job security.  it’s not like i’ll be back to a FT working-my-ass-off-mode immediately but i’ll take baby steps.  i’ll be back there soon eventually.
  • to also rededicate myself back to my invisalign.  i’ve been a slacker ever since i finished my treatment trays.  i was supposed to keep wearing my retainer for 20+ hours a day for 3 months following.  well, i didn’t.  and, well, my bottom teeth have incredible muscle memory and go back a little every day.  i’m not okay with the thought of wasting $5k so i’ve got to do 3 months of 20+ hours to set them again.  and i need to do it before i get pregnant and need to eat All The Time!
  • that i will try to research BEFORE making changes i know nothing about.  because now i’m paying a ton in taxes this year which i thought i was trying to avoid, but apparently i did the opposite.  and within a few minutes of googling it was clear what i’d done wrong.  ready, fire, aim does not work too well.
  • to no longer feel guilty about my baby fever.  it happens.  i’m taken in by it and i’ve accepted that.  i can’t keep shaming myself or trying to hide it from certain people.  i’m really excited to start a family in the near future.  and there’s nothing about that that isn’t awesome!
  • oh yah, i’ve also decided that i will be using the NEW lemon body butter from Body Shop this summer rather than my new favorite, moringa flower, or the long-time old standby, olive. hurray for new (good) scents!



~ today i learned… the Spyder suits the US Olympic team skiers are wearing is said to cut .5 seconds off of every 100 seconds ~

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