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March 22, 2010

home ec.

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starting in middle school we were forced into Home Economics classes.  a certain range of classes were required, basically you had to take everything once.  from there you got to choose which types of classes you wanted to take more of.

everyone my age that came through my school system has some knowledge of:
metal shop
and cooking

and these are very valuable skills.  but i’m hearing from many people that these aren’t in most schools anymore, and the schools who did have them are pulling them.

what?!? why?

i mean, sure, there’s not much i do in my every day life that requires me to make piggy banks from plastic or creating pottery and firing it in the kiln.  but i could if i needed to.
and most of these are VERY handy skills. 

metal shop – i know how to bend, sharpen, file down, puncture and drill into metal because of this class.  while i don’t use the skills every day they’ve definitely come in handy when i’m being handy around the house or putting something together.
woodworking – one of the most useful classes in my opinion.  especially for girls.  i don’t know many girls who were brought up to be as handy around the house as my mom raised me to be but taking these lessons away from girls just reinforces the helpless female syndrome.  you need to know how to saw and drill.  you just do.  there are plenty of projects around our house that i’ve offered to M for the summer and if he doesn’t want to do them – i will.  because i know how to use the saw and i can make the shelves myself.  it’s VERY useful.
sewing – how the HECK do people survive not knowing how to sew??  i don’t get it.  you don’t need to know how to make your own wardrobe but even sewing a button back on or putting a whip stitch in a hem is so freakin valuable.  how will kids today mend their own clothes??  no, i don’t have all the pillows or stuffed animals i created in class but i could make them today if i wanted to…
cooking – i can’t cook.  it’s just a fact.  it doesn’t come naturally to me but luckily i married a man who should have a show on food network (i highly recommend this route).  but i CAN bake.  i can bake the shit out of things.  i’m that good.  and while i know it’s mostly because my mom baked, i still learned alot in cooking class.  not long ago i found the recipe for our “master mix” in some old papers and i ‘about died.  how weird of a concept was this?  the idea that you could make this and keep it in your closet and use x# of scoops from it for all recipes is kind of out there, totally unpractical.  and everything ended up tasting like master mix anyway.  but still, learning how to cook things was incredibly useful.  mostly because you made mistakes.  and you learned what happened if you mixed things in the wrong order, or let something cook 2 minutes too long, or whatever.  these are things that are totally useful as an adult.

maybe this is why hobbies have gone away too?


March 2, 2010

only us

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this is what S and i used to say all the time

things were always happening to us, things that didn’t seem to happen to other people.  definitely not with the frequency we experienced them anyway.  the things that happened weren’t necessarily bad or terrible, they were just out of the ordinary.  odd even.

like the time i had to call in to work “stuck to the drive way”.  you read that right, stuck TO the driveway. 
after a week of snow i decided to use the drive thru car wash to get all the salt and chemicals off the undercarriage of my car.  lucky for me the car wash was right across the street.  not lucky for me it was freezing cold out and just driving across the street apparently doesn’t give your car enough time to run all the water out.  and when i got in my car to head to work the next morning i thought maybe my axle was broken, i kept putting it in reverse and it was like my car was going to pull itself off my tires.  that would be because my tires were frozen to the driveway.  i’m not kidding.  no one at work believed me either.  i had to wait until later afternoon when enough sun came out to thaw it up. 

then there’s my neverending windshields.  i could be driving down a deserted road and something would still fly up into my windshield and shatter it. 
sometimes it happened on busy roads, okay, traffic kicking up rocks, i get it.  but one time i was on my side of a divided 4 lane highway, not a car in sight in front of me.  as  a truck whizzed by about 20 ft. away  in the farthest lane on the opposite side of the highway a rock came flying into my windshield.  oh no, even better, the 5+ times birds have slammed into my windshield as i was driving 55mph +.  yah, i get multiple new windshields a year, my insurance company hates me.

or maybe June 10th is the best example. 
one year S had just been given her first car (her parents old clunker) and after school one day i was in the passengar seat when she totalled it on a main drag as we went to the bank.  cut to exactly a year later when we’re driving down that same street, same day, this time her riding shotgun in my new car, and this time my car was totalled only an hour or so later and a mile or so down the same main drag.  coincidence or creepy?

oh no, i’ve got it.  the time M and i were washing dishes and we heard a huge THUD only to find my car wedged under the deck because the e-brake gave out and i never used to leave it in gear (but i do now). i bitched about that.  or maybe it’s the time i made chocolate rice for dinner because i accidentally grabbed the hot cocoa pack and dumped it in instead of the chicken rice seasoning on the opposite counter (ps. it tasted awful, i do not recommend). 

these are just a few examples, there are plenty more occurances but i can only jam so much into a single post.  yes, some of these are just random acts that could have been prevented but really, people don’t usually take these precautions and yet somehow i’m the one always “learning my lesson”.  it’s why my blog is titled “it’s always like this”.



~ today i learned… i can get a serger attachement for my sewing machine!  i will be getting one RIGHT NOW! ~

February 19, 2010

money bags

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despite the recent BR factory store get-ready-for-spring shopping spree i’m kind of trying to talk myself out of purchases lately. 

i’m always buying clothes but i don’t ever wear it all.  EVER.  i have drawers that are overflowing and i keep stuffing more in them and yet “i never have anything to wear”.  it’s nuts.  mean i have a pile of clothes on the floor because there’s no more room for them in drawers, shelves, or the closet. 

i switch my wardrobe out per season.  i usually end up doing a fall/winter and spring/summer switch rather than 4x a year.  of course there are certain things i pull out for spring that will only be worn in the summer, maybe i should keep them away until later so i have more room in my drawers but i don’t.  and i have so much clothes that i never know what i have, i’m too lazy to dig through it all so i wear the same 10 tops over and over and over again. 

i keep thinking i should take photos of this to document my overstuffed wardrobe but maybe some day, maybe for the upcoming spring trade-out.  for now i just need to Stop. Shopping. for Clothes!!

i have more important purchases i’m prepping to make.  first is a new camera.  it’s burned into my brain (it doesn’t help that it’s my husband’s LOB) and i really want it, like yesterday.  i decided on the camera and the additional lense(s) months ago and now i’m just twiddling my thumbs waiting for the money to pile up.  once i make a decision on something i’m not good at waiting for it to happen.  i could provide pages of examples but i’m pretty sure you trust me on this one *ahem babyfever ahem*.  i’ve even come up with many reasons i need the new camera and the various ideas i have for posts is just one of them… hey documenting my wardrobe is on that list!

luckily i FINALLY sold my old sewing machine on craigslist!  it’s the one i got for my bridal shower but it wasn’t the one i wanted.  i found a great deal on the one i wanted so i bought it and have been trying to sell the unopened gift one ever since.  and FINALLY, after reposting on Craigslist for the 3rd time it sold right away.  YAY!!  money in my pocket… err, i mean,  money toward my new camera!

but this doesn’t end once i’m snapping away with my new Canon…

  • i need to purchase better photo editing software… photoshop here i come (ps. when did this become so inexpensive??)
  • i’ll need a computer more adept for photo processing… back to the ol’ macbook drama
  • i’m skipping all the way to baby time, i want to purchase the chosen stroller and put it in a closet (have i mentioned that this strollers adapts for when we’re having our second too?  planning ahead much?  me??)
  • i want to purchase and start stockpiling  many baby related items for handling and nursery and what not… and hot mamma maternity wear.  totally on my list!
  • my car.  if i’m going to get a new one i need to do it in the next year but i still haven’t made a firm decision on what i want to do when it comes to this, i might just keep my electronically challenged sweet ride

but i need to start with the camera.  work toward each goal one at a time.  it’s easier that way.



~ today i learned… Google’s headquarters is called the Googleplex ~

February 8, 2010

about knee high(s)

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i find it very odd that i have a pair of knee high, or maybe they’re over the knee, socks that i love.  except they don’t fit me right.  one sits snugly just over the top of my knee where it sits all day no matter how much walking, sitting, or anything else that requires me to bend my knee.  and the other reaches about mid way up the knee cap and slides down all damn day.  is this strange?

i mean why would one be longer than the other?  or could it be that one of my legs is really that much short than the other between the knee and foot??



~ today i learned… the standards of the label “organic” on foods has only been regulated since 10/2002 ~

January 8, 2010


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in the past week

  • i’ve blown my nose through 3+ boxes of tissues
  • i’ve had to reach deep down and do some lamaz style breathing to blow my nose at certain times… oh and my ears pop every single time
  • i’m pretty sure my husband emptied a bottle of elmer’s glue into my nose while i was sleeping since the stuff i’ve been blowing out lately can’t possibly be human manufactured
  • i blew my nose so hard once that… oh my gosh, did i just pee my pants?
  • i’ve made my way through 2 worlds of Super Mario Wii and need to go online to figure out ho to get to some of the more secret levels
  • my doggie has slept through 2 nights in his crate without barking until the sun comes up (this one is a huge victory!)
  • my husband let me take him to the airport and hang out until it was time for him to go… usually he likes to drive himself
  • i cancelled my hair appt with my stylist… i just can’t justify an $80 (not including tip) hair cut when i’m still waiting for it to grow out and i don’t see any split ends yet
  • i’ve put together my desk and office using jet max cubes (i’ll have to post about this with pictures later)
  • i let out an audible “yess!!” when the doggie dermatologist told me my total for the visit was $142 – it’s kinda like when you go out looking for a wedding dress and you keep finding ones for $3,000 and then you find one for $1k and that’s suddenly a “great deal” for a dress you’ll wear for up to 12hours ONCE
  • i’ve made the deliberate decision not to disclose the details of my delicates to the world of facebook
  • i’ve started planning for the many visits people will be making to our house in the coming months… i CAN’T WAIT to have visitors!!
  • i’ve worked out using the Wii fit and decided it’s not even close to what i really need
  • i’ve been looking into purchasing an iPod… well, just because i want something to make me run but i haven’t pulled the trigger because i’m afraid of how much money i’ll spend downloading songs
  • i found an old CD i thought was lost 2 years ago and have been listening to that in my car
  • i’ve been making plans for my big day this weekend.  i’m heading back to Richmond to run errands and see a few friends i haven’t seen since the move.  i’m SO excited! 
  • now i need to go pick out my outfit!

December 17, 2009

holly jolly bullets

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  •  what do these things all have in common – scary, vibrating, blood enducing, expensive? 
    give up?  it’s the sonicare.  seriously, i wouldn’t have thought it either but it’s true.  i wanted one so badly and we even registered for one for the wedding and i finally got one for my birthday.  i was so excited that i couldn’t wait to get back to VA to hook it up to start using it.  i was excited to have super duper clean teeth.  to have healthier gums.  to clean my invisalign retainers in one swipe rather than tons of back and forth brushing.  and then i used it for the first time.  it went something like this – ow.  ow.  owowOOOWWW!  why does it hurt??  oh my god, turn it off. Turn. It. Off!!
    because yah, it’s painful until you get used to it.  it’s definitely not as painful or as bloody of an experience now that i’ve been using it for 2 months but the bad part is that i went through the first head in 30 days.  um, yah, they’re about $10 EACH!  i’m hoping that the future ones will last longer.  oh, and if i use it with my teeth clenched i can still feel the vibrations in my inner ear and it’s creepy, tingly, itchy, did i mention creepy.
  • the thing i like best about living in the “beach” area so far is that people seem to own sunglasses!  more specifically they WEAR THEM.  when they’re DRIVING.  which means that when we’re on the highway and come around a turn and “oh, look, there’s the bright sun!” people don’t have to SLAM on their brakes!  it’s pretty awesome actually.
    they still can’t drive in the rain but beggars can’t be choosers, right?
  • apparently my company is having a christmas party.  i think it’s today or something.  not sure.  my office is 3 1/2 hours away and they’re having it during the day.  sorry, i just can’t justify 7hrs on the road for a lame-ass in-office non-open-bar holiday party with people i have zero in common with and mildly like.
  • furthermore, i’m a grouch and i don’t care.  i didn’t get a bridal shower, i didn’t even get so much as a “kiss my foot” or “have an apple ” (2 pts if you can name that movie).  so no, i will not be shipping in money or any gifts for another girl’s baby shower.  especially since i didn’t even know she was pregnant!  heck, i thought she was like 19!  is she even married? (i know, i know, it’s 2009 but still…) i couldn’t tell you anything about this girl except she works for our company and most of the time does the work i request from her.  so should she be punished because no one threw me a bridal shower?  no, but i don’t care.  i don’t have money to be spending on people who don’t spend it on me.
  • um, yah, so after writing that i noticed on facebook that the girl i thought was attached to that name isn’t the same girl i was thinking of.  maybe that’s why i don’t get a bridal shower, i don’t really know the names of the people in the company.  anyhow it turns out the girl who is having the baby is one that really pisses me off!  she’s just such a grump and was rude to me from my first day in the office.  i guess i don’t know who is who in that dept. so i thought she was someone else but now that i know the face i can reassure you that i don’t feel the slightest bit bad about not giving a hoot about her baby or shower.
  • i found our local HomeGoods and i can assure you that it was worth the wait!  holy moly!  i’ve been in a few before but none like this!  it’s crazy because it’s in a fairly ghetto shopping plaza but as i was walking through i realized it was truly a diamond in the rough.  they have a boutiqe section.  and it’s FULL of designers!  like REAL designers, not just my lovely Maggy London.  we’re talking Alive & Olivia, Chloe, Nanette Lepore, Badgley Mischka, Vera Wang, etc. etc. etc.  and they even have a clearance rack in that section!  granted, the clearance dresses in that area are still $150+ but wow!  i love it!  i didn’t know they did this and i’d just been missing out all this time!! 
    oh, and in case you’re wondering, i got 2 CUTE Susana Monaco dresses for next summer… $25 EACH!  holy shit!!
  • since when did it become perfectly acceptable to just bring your dog anywhere you want?  i mean i bring my lil’nut in the car with me when i run errands some times but the only time he gets to go IN a store is when we go to the pet store.  because that’s allowed.  but sure enough, as M and i were wandering around DSW the other day this tramp walks by with her chihuahua parading around in front of her.  um, what??  you can walk your dogs through DSW now?  it’s freakin carpeted in there!  seriously, how did this fly?  who didn’t stop her at the door??
    and a day or two later i was running through Lowes when i came across a guy with a pomeranian in a shopping cart.  WTF!?  we weren’t in the outdoor section, which i guess i would have understood a little better, but instead he was carting this dog around the store.  what is going on?!?  honestly, is this common place now?  or do these people get away with it because they have small dogs?  i guarantee you if someone walked into DSW with a lab on a leash they would be quickly caught at the door and told the dog can’t come in.  same with Lowes, i dare you to drag your st. bernard through the laminate flooring aisle and see what happens.  that’s dogist, right?  sizeist, maybe?  whatever it is it pisses me off.  i guess the thing that pisses me off the most is the BALLS on these people thinking they can just take their dog anywhere they want like they’re Paris Hilton circa 2004.
  • speaking of dogs tomorrow is P-doodle’s birthday.  he’ll be 12, which i believe is 84 in mythical dog years.  and i’m excited!  he’s going to get his hair done and then i’m going to get him a special treat!  he’ll probably hate being at a new groomer but i would love it if someone sent me to the salon on my birthday so that’s why he’s going.  maybe we’ll go for a super long walk too, he’d LOVE that.  i have the whole day off and so does M so it’ll be a nice family outing : )      and then we’re going to ditch him that night to go to M’s work christmas party, he won’t even notice though he’ll be so crashed out from such an active day.
  • M has agreed to have a birthday party this coming year under one condition – i make him a pinata that looks like tiger wood’s head that he can hit with golf clubs (i told him he’d need to don a blonde wig too) and you can bet i will be taking on this project.  plus it’ll be a great time for our first party/hosting event in the new house!
  • um, since when do soap operas pimp things that are actually going on in real life??  this week the ABC soaps have been pimping the movie Nine.  and while i appreciate them telling all the people who don’t know that it’s based on a musical, loosly based on real life… well it’s all kinda contrived.  so contrived that i expect them to mention it with they’re talking about how refreshing brand X beer is that they’re drinking and how they love how it washes down brand Z nuts!  i get that it’s the basis of where soaps started (they were sponsored & directed by soap brands) but still… it’s pretty annoying.



~ today i learned… Donder was an original reindeer in the poem “A visit from St Nicholas”  116 years later it was changed to Donner in the publication of “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” book.  It’s believed that this mistake occurred because Donner & Blitzen mean Thunder and Lightening in German. ~

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