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March 11, 2010


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does anyone have hobbies anymore?  why is this still on job applications?

heck, why was it even on there to start with?  does telling the hiring manager that you collect toy trains really increase your chances at getting the job??

but really, if someone asked you today – what are your hobbies? – would you have an answer?

the dictionary definition is:

an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation

a quick search of popular hobbies today gives me the following results:

Playing a musical instrument
Snow Boarding
Mountain Climbing

and something about this just sounds off to me.  okay, gardening, playing an instrument, scrapbooking, photography, those all sound like hobbies to me.  but golf? skiing?  etc, aren’t those just sports?  does that count? 
and by definition if i were to list my “hobbies” would i have to say watching TV, eating, and filling in calendars with colored pens coordinating to the activity?  because, really, those are the only things i do on a regular basis outside of my job.  but i wouldn’t call them “hobbies”.  for some reason the term just doesn’t fit for me, maybe because i don’t get satisfaction from them.

i mean scrapbooking to me seems like the closest thing these days to being an actual hobby.  the people who do it are all hardcore and serious about it and they do it in all their free time.  i’d even say gardening, cooking, or reading books could be hobbies.

but what happened to garnering these kinds of talents?  i feel like it’s somehow the scheduled activity schedules people force on their children these days. 

when i was younger i collected things.  i had a stamp collection that would rival that of the biggest geeks, that was a hobby of mine.  but i was a kid, i had spare time.  as an adult, not so much.  i keep thinking i should have time for something like that, but there’s just. n.o time.  it’s work, clean up, eat dinner, sometimes go to the gym, then off to bed, lather rinse repeat.  the weekends are full of appointments or repairing or organizing the house.

am i alone in this – do you have a hobby?



~ today i learned… flying kites is a popular hobby in east asia and the word comes from that of a graceful bird called the kite ~


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  1. My hobby is planning our wedding. :) hehe, does that count? I put “extra curricular activities” on my resume. And really the only reason I did that was so that I could still slip my sorority in there somehow hoping that someone might be a distant ‘sister’ and hire me. ha.

    It’s funny that you mentioned you had a stamp collection when you were younger, because the whole time I wa reading your post, I was thinking, ‘what about stamp collecting? people always did that.’ I always wanted to collect stamps, but never did. I think I had a rock collection instead. Nothing fancy, just what I found on a bike ride or something dumb like that.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — March 11, 2010 @ 11:04 am

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