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March 9, 2010

the bachelor: the bigger message

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yes, the bachelor has been over for a week but i still have this to say –

i think this season’s Final two is representative of girls in general.

i find that there are two types of women out there – the Tenleys and the Viennas of the world.

the Tenleys are everything ABC showed of her.  they’re happy go lucky girls who just exude excitement!  they’re the girl that walks into a room and every girl there immediately feels drawn to her, she’s not threatening in any way.  she makes friends with every female she comes in contact with.  people love her.  other women love being her friend, and lets face it – that’s rare. no one talks shit about a Tenley because they’re just too sugary sweet to find anything tart to speak of.  (ps. the clip of the other girls talking about her cracked me up – i too believe that she does in fact “shit rainbows”)

the Viennas are exactly what you’d expect.  they’re the opposite of Tenley.  they’re kind of abrasive, even when they don’t mean to be.  they tell the truth, they don’t sugar coat.  they have a tendency to rub people the wrong way right off the bat but if you get to know them they’re much more like the Tenleys than you’d guess at first introduction.  Viennas have a hard time making female friends and are often spoken poorly of by other groups of women.  they don’t often get very far with these groups so many are left with a bad taste in their mouth for the Viennas.

myself?  i obviously lean well into the Vienna camp.  but i’ve known my fair share of Tenleys and the entire time i was friends with them i took mental notes.  because i’ve always wanted to be a Tenley, or at least more like one.  i’ve always wanted people to like me and want to get to know me better before deciding they don’t like me… instead of the inverse.  but no matter what i do i can’t seem to get there because when it comes down to the heart of a Tenley i just don’t have it.  i like to think i’m too much of a realist to be THAT happy. 

i know that i’ve always looked to the Tenley types as what i want to be, or at least how i want to be seen… but do the Tenleys see anything in the Viennas they aspire to? 



~ today i learned… Stacy London is actually the HOST of WNTW and Clinton Kelly is the Fashion Consultant ~


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  1. Okay, I don’t watch the Bachelor so I can’t comment on that but…

    Dude, where do you learn all of these things?! I had no idea about Stacy and Clinton! But it does make me feel a little better about watching that show now. I don’t know, but it does haha!

    Comment by stealthnerd — March 9, 2010 @ 11:57 am

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