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March 4, 2010

whats your dinosaur

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(i know the movie wasn’t that great but the part about wanting to be t-rex from step brothers is one of my favorite parts.  and it’s become one of those movies, like knocked up, that we watch when there’s nothing on, because it’s always on.)

if you haven’t seen this underrated movie you missed a point in the movie where the father has a pep talk with the sons.  it’s about looking at what you’re doing with your life/job and remembering what you always wanted to do but may have opted to not pursue.  maybe you decided to change directions because it would take too much schooling, maybe you wouldn’t make any money at it, maybe you just aren’t any good at it, or maybe it’s not practical… like wanting to be a dinosaur.  whatever it was, we’ve all done it.  in the course of my life i’ve encountered a total of 2 (TWO) people doing what they wanted to do since they were little.

when i was in elementary school i wanted to be a pediatric nurse.  i mean who didn’t?  only the people who wanted to be veterinarians i guess.

by the time i was in high school and was told i needed to figure out what i wanted to do for the rest of my life i started to freak out.  i had NO CLUE what i wanted to do.  i hadn’t found anything to that point that i was exceptional at besides socializing.  i was marginal at just about everything.  and all the tests told me i should be a teacher, lawyer, or receptionist.  hmm, that didn’t help either.

so i decided to pick one, i was going to be a Social Worker.  i blame this in part on my awesome psychology teacher and the interest he garnered in the subject for me and the other part on a former babysitter who went on to be a social worker and spoke to me about it once.  i was moved.  i’d decided that’s what i would do.

but all along i knew i wasn’t completely sold.  at the time it was as good of a decision as any.  then i started college and i knew right away that social work wasn’t for me.  there wasn’t any money in it to start and beyond that i would need my masters to do anything relevant… and well, i didn’t even finish my BS so… yyyah.  by the time i started my first class in college i knew what i wanted to do.  i wanted to be an editor.  that was it, it was my calling.  i’d figure out how to adapt my class schedule later. 

and before it even got to that point i realized i had NO CLUE what i wanted to do with the rest of my life.  i decided to take some time off to figure it out and then go back and pursue it.  and i’m still figuring it out so that’s my excuse for not going back yet.  i’ve contemplated it and even filled out the forms many times.  i just can’t pull that trigger yet.  it’s too much money to put down on something when i still have no idea what i want to “career” in.

for a while i considered architecture.  i mean i subscribed to EVERY magazine possible and was very interested.  and then i thought about the math and *gasp* algebra it requires (or fancy math anyway) and i realized it may not end up being my strong suit.  and i easily transferred that passion to interior design.  it started with textiles and went from there.  i had decided i was going to be an interior designer and that was it, i was even ready to move to Thailand for a short time to really get into the industry.  but really, just enjoying magazines and fabrics and shopping for furniture does not an interior designer make.  anyone who has ever seen my boring/bland living spaces can vouch for this.

and one day we were shopping and i realized i wanted to be in fashion!  that was IT!  (do you see the trend here?) i’m absolutely not fashionable, i just watch alot of What Not To Wear.  i can put together a pretty dress and hot pumps but beyond that i’m at a total loss.  and even though helpless men often ask me for my help when they’re out shopping alone, and i LOVE every time this happens.. it puts a little skip in my step, it doesn’t mean i have the eye for fashion.  much like interior design i believe that being artistic on some level is necessary for being successful in these areas.  i follow the rules, lay out plans and don’t veer from them… that doesn’t really lend to an artistic style.

i’ve also considered being a personal shopper…um, i would TOTALLY love this job by the way!  i love shopping for friends and family when they’re looking for something “a black bag that’s not too trendy, not too casual”  ” a dress for a summer wedding that will hide the baby fat they have left to lose”  “shoes for this dress” etc, etc. and my favorite part of shopping for others is getting a great deal!  this job would make me happy, offers are welcome!

i’ve considered opening a bakery.  opening a gift wrap store (this is a current dream for me… i love putting gifts together with great presentation, it’s become a running joke in my family).  i’ve wanted to be a photographer, and plenty of other ideas about businesses to start or career paths to head down.

but i think i really want Patti Stanger’s job.  i mean she rips people apart, tells them like it is, and sets them up with hotties.  how much fun is that?
or maybe i just want to be a “life coach”.  i don’t know how one acquires such a job but i’d love to hear more about it.  talking to people, listening to their problems, and helping them get their shit together would be awesome!

but i guess those are all my dinosaurs.  it’s not that i was grabbing at straws among the myriad of ideas, wanting the career of anything that popped into my line of view, but these things i wanted, they’re all things i desperately wished i was good at.  good enough to make a life doing them! 
because the last career i had (before the company went under) was as an event planner.  and not only did i have an incredible time doing it, i was good at it.  really really good!  i definitely excelled in that area.  and i still love it to this day and am trying to get back into it however possible.  all offers to get me back into event planning are also welcome.  i miss many aspects of the job – having a job i not only enjoy and look forwarding to going to every day but also a job where i was successful and received the recognition i deserved.  i miss that.  i miss doing something i love.  and i dare to say i’ve found my “calling”, my “career”… now i just need to find a job that allows me to pursue that again.

are you doing what you love?  did you always know what you wanted to do/be?  are you still trying to figure it out too?



~ today i learned… the fad of collecting moss is called Mossery ~



  1. Hmm, at least in elementary school you had loftier dreams than I. It’s a joke in my family becuase I had filled out this profile that was put in a binder in my schools lobby containing the rest of the school’s students. How did I answer the ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ question? A cashier. Yup. I liked to press buttons and those cash registers were appealing. Now, THAT’S ambition.

    I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when i grow up. The cashier career just wasn’t going to pay enough. I’m almost 100 % positive though, that whenever I do find a freaking job, I will never find something that I love as much as L. He practically skips to work every day at 6:30am. Once when we first started dating, I asked him what he would like to do if he weren’t a firefighter. He told me he had no idea. This was the only thing he ever wanted to do and loves it. I hate people like that. Ok, I guess it’s just because I’m incredibly jealous.

    Good luck with your ventures – I’m sure you’ll be able to find another event planning position eventually. You could always go for an event planning certificate if you didn’t want to commit to a whole degree. Not sure if maybe that would help snag one of those positions.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — March 4, 2010 @ 9:29 am

  2. Right now I work in IT for a health insurance company. It is what I love! I love tech and gadgets and with almost no experience other than knowing my way around windows I went to PSU for an IT degree. I always wanted to do graphic design. It was my dream to create logos foe big companies. I wasn’t the worst in my art class, but I wasn’t the best. Thank God for good guidance counselors!!!

    Comment by Stealthnerd's Boo — March 10, 2010 @ 9:09 am

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