it’s always like this

March 2, 2010

only us

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this is what S and i used to say all the time

things were always happening to us, things that didn’t seem to happen to other people.  definitely not with the frequency we experienced them anyway.  the things that happened weren’t necessarily bad or terrible, they were just out of the ordinary.  odd even.

like the time i had to call in to work “stuck to the drive way”.  you read that right, stuck TO the driveway. 
after a week of snow i decided to use the drive thru car wash to get all the salt and chemicals off the undercarriage of my car.  lucky for me the car wash was right across the street.  not lucky for me it was freezing cold out and just driving across the street apparently doesn’t give your car enough time to run all the water out.  and when i got in my car to head to work the next morning i thought maybe my axle was broken, i kept putting it in reverse and it was like my car was going to pull itself off my tires.  that would be because my tires were frozen to the driveway.  i’m not kidding.  no one at work believed me either.  i had to wait until later afternoon when enough sun came out to thaw it up. 

then there’s my neverending windshields.  i could be driving down a deserted road and something would still fly up into my windshield and shatter it. 
sometimes it happened on busy roads, okay, traffic kicking up rocks, i get it.  but one time i was on my side of a divided 4 lane highway, not a car in sight in front of me.  as  a truck whizzed by about 20 ft. away  in the farthest lane on the opposite side of the highway a rock came flying into my windshield.  oh no, even better, the 5+ times birds have slammed into my windshield as i was driving 55mph +.  yah, i get multiple new windshields a year, my insurance company hates me.

or maybe June 10th is the best example. 
one year S had just been given her first car (her parents old clunker) and after school one day i was in the passengar seat when she totalled it on a main drag as we went to the bank.  cut to exactly a year later when we’re driving down that same street, same day, this time her riding shotgun in my new car, and this time my car was totalled only an hour or so later and a mile or so down the same main drag.  coincidence or creepy?

oh no, i’ve got it.  the time M and i were washing dishes and we heard a huge THUD only to find my car wedged under the deck because the e-brake gave out and i never used to leave it in gear (but i do now). i bitched about that.  or maybe it’s the time i made chocolate rice for dinner because i accidentally grabbed the hot cocoa pack and dumped it in instead of the chicken rice seasoning on the opposite counter (ps. it tasted awful, i do not recommend). 

these are just a few examples, there are plenty more occurances but i can only jam so much into a single post.  yes, some of these are just random acts that could have been prevented but really, people don’t usually take these precautions and yet somehow i’m the one always “learning my lesson”.  it’s why my blog is titled “it’s always like this”.



~ today i learned… i can get a serger attachement for my sewing machine!  i will be getting one RIGHT NOW! ~



  1. I totally feel you! Stuff like that happens on the daily it seems. It really feels like when stuff like that happens you should automatically hear the “The More You Know” theme…amiright? :)

    Comment by littlespoon — March 2, 2010 @ 10:46 am

  2. June 10th is my bday! Sorry it is your unlucky day :(

    Comment by Jackie — March 3, 2010 @ 4:12 pm

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