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February 25, 2010

creepy tiny sparkly

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i just think there are somethings that should be done based on video footage alone.  like when reality shows follow teens around to bars where they’re not only getting in but getting drunk, shouldn’t those places be shut down?

but these creepy tiny pageant people are on the top of my list when i say this. 

okay, not so much the kids but the parents.  you know what i’m talking about.  there are a couple of awesomely bad reality shows on right now that cover all of these pageants for children who have just learned to walk. 

and if you’ve ever watched any of these you have seen the moments where the kids are actually having a good time but the mom’s are not and vice versa.  the moms are pissed that the kid isn’t paying attention or doing a step right or whatever.  and i don’t know how much money they drop on these things but i imagine it’s quite a bit between hair & makeup and costumes alone, not to mention the “trainers”.

i was watching one where they were following a little girl who was cute, but like all little kids her teeth weren’t perfect.  and then she gets on stage and i’m looking at her wondering, what looks so different?  i finally figured it out, did she have veneers?  it turns out they’re fake teeth, or “flippers” as they call them.  dentures.  on a toddler!  what the heck is up with that?  don’t even get me started on the message it sends to the kid that she’s not pretty without them. 

then there was another one where they hired this coach.  this guy.  this creepy guy who i would never let near any child i cared for.  he’s just… creepy.  and ignoring this guy’s creep factor alone he taught this girl a routine and advised on her costumes etc.  and then they cut to the mom calling him to tell him that the little girl really liked the original costume so they’re going back to that and he Freaks. The. F. Out.  i believe his comment was something like “so you’d rather let your 5 year old be happy than win?  i don’t condone that”.   nice.

so i believe the general idea for creating these shows was to show that pageant moms aren’t in this for themselves, but that they’re in it because the kids are having a good time, right?  at least i’m sure that’s how it’s pitched to those volunteering to be taped.

and i think they’ve somehow missed the boat on that idea.  only half of the kids even seem to enjoy themselves.  and the moms.  oh the moms.  i won’t get all superficial and judgey but it’s obvious that some of them are living vicarious through their cute children.

the fact that these pageants even exists is so silly to me.  i mean c’mon, those skills aren’t transferable.  if they are it’s in a very vague and masked way that you could say “she’s learning poise and speaking skills”.  it’s all just creepy to me.  the tanning, the hair, the street walker makeup… don’t even get me started on the sexy routines!



~ today i learned… in Gilmore Girls Emily and Richard have a new maid in every episode ~



  1. Yeah, I can’t even watch those pageant shows because those kids totally creep me out.

    But I really liked your new fact for today. I LOVE Gilmore Girls (and the fact that ABC Fam shows the reruns!) and I didn’t realize that the maids are different in every episode. I mean, I’m sure I noticed it, but I never made the connection. It’s just like Murphy Brown’s secretaries!

    Comment by stealthnerd — February 25, 2010 @ 4:00 pm

  2. I’ve only seen bits and pieces of that show, but it looks ridiculous. I am so very glad that when I was dancing I never had a ‘stage mom.’ My mom was always there watching and fixing costumes and doing my hair and make up, etc. But she never pushed me. When i wanted to quit one year, she let me. End of story. When I wanted to start back up again, she let me. You are so right, I definitely agree that a lot of these moms are trying to live vicariously through their kids.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — February 25, 2010 @ 7:34 pm

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