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February 24, 2010

decisions, decisions

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i’ve recently decided…

  •  to no longer pull ALL the grey hairs i find.  only the ones that are grey from stem to stern, or root to tip, or top to bottom… whatever
  • that i will attempt to not purchase an abundance of clothes/accessories in March.  this is the most difficult restriction i’ve ever put on myself but i figure putting it out there to the interwebs makes me more accountable for it.  i originally wrote that i would spend NOTHING on apparel in March and then i realized that i can’t stick to that, it’s just too much, i’m not that strong.  i realize there may be an item or two that i fall prey to the bargains of but my goal is to spend <$40 on apparel for the month.  considering i’ve spent $600+ this year already, wish me luck.
  • to try out the 8am pilates class.  maybe that instructor is actually pilates certified, maybe not, either way it can’t be any worse than the evening class i despise going to.
  • i don’t like the new format of “16 & Pregnant” on MTV… it’s like they crammed 2 shows into one.  what happened to the old way of following the teens around while they were pregnant?  and then moving them to “Teen Mom” after they have their baby?  booo MTV!   (i also don’t like that in watching an entire hour of MTV you can see every Proactive spokesperson EVER)
  • to rededicate myself to my job.  since it’s not looking like anyone else wants to hire me any time soon i might as well try to maintain some sort of job security.  it’s not like i’ll be back to a FT working-my-ass-off-mode immediately but i’ll take baby steps.  i’ll be back there soon eventually.
  • to also rededicate myself back to my invisalign.  i’ve been a slacker ever since i finished my treatment trays.  i was supposed to keep wearing my retainer for 20+ hours a day for 3 months following.  well, i didn’t.  and, well, my bottom teeth have incredible muscle memory and go back a little every day.  i’m not okay with the thought of wasting $5k so i’ve got to do 3 months of 20+ hours to set them again.  and i need to do it before i get pregnant and need to eat All The Time!
  • that i will try to research BEFORE making changes i know nothing about.  because now i’m paying a ton in taxes this year which i thought i was trying to avoid, but apparently i did the opposite.  and within a few minutes of googling it was clear what i’d done wrong.  ready, fire, aim does not work too well.
  • to no longer feel guilty about my baby fever.  it happens.  i’m taken in by it and i’ve accepted that.  i can’t keep shaming myself or trying to hide it from certain people.  i’m really excited to start a family in the near future.  and there’s nothing about that that isn’t awesome!
  • oh yah, i’ve also decided that i will be using the NEW lemon body butter from Body Shop this summer rather than my new favorite, moringa flower, or the long-time old standby, olive. hurray for new (good) scents!



~ today i learned… the Spyder suits the US Olympic team skiers are wearing is said to cut .5 seconds off of every 100 seconds ~


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  1. I’m so glad to hear that you watch 16 & Pregnant too haha!

    Comment by stealthnerd — February 24, 2010 @ 1:26 pm

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