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February 18, 2010

these things and more

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  • it’s amazing how motivating simply turning off the G-D television is.  hey, look at me, i actually have thoughts!  i am capable of doing things!  i need to remember this.
  • who knew that sitting indian style on a couch for 8-10 hours a day, 5 days a week would make your knees hurt?  it’s to the point where by the time i’m getting up for lunch i want to cry they hurt so bad.  for some reason other sitting positions just aren’t comfortable.  i can’t explain why.  must find another way to sit…
  • i wonder if the term “indian style” is offensive to native americans? 
  • thank heavens for my dog.  besides how much more lonely and bored i’d be beyond what i already am at least he has to go outside to poop.  and this makes me get out, breathe in the lovely fresh air, and move my legs.  as in walk.  it’s such a little thing but it helps immensely.
  • i have no clue why i decided to make the 24 cupcake box rather than the 12.  i’m still trying to eat at least 2 cupcakes a day so they don’t go bad but sometimes just looking at them makes me want to barf.  i love cupcakes and icing but there comes a point…
  • 3yr olds don’t get sarcasm.  when my nieces were leaving from their stop-by visit i mentioned that next time they come we’ll go to the beach!  and the littlest one informed me that they have TWO beaches and “one hath choo-choo  thrains” to which i replied “oh, well all we have at our beach is fighter jets and dolphins.”  she nodded, gave me a sympathetic look and sighed a “yah”. 
  • last weekend M and i topped off a wonderful visit to the RIC, to have an amazing lunch with awesome friends, with a stop at the outlets on the way home.  and after many many years of saying “no thanks.” i finally gave in.  ONLY because we got 25% off by opening a Banana card.  it’s official.  i’m a sucker.  but i can totally justify it… we get deals at BR, Gap, and Old Navy (not that i ever shop those but maybe i should) and we already earned a $10 coupon!  also, i’m pretty sure that Gap & Old Navy maternity will come in handy one day.  don’t even get me started on BabyGap!
  • did i forget to mention that it also helped me justify this coat purchase.  it’s the most perfect weight spring coat(igan).  i’m in lust!  spring can not come soon enough!  the ruffles go all the way around… have i mentioned that i’m over the moon with the ruffles & pleats trend that started last year?  bows was not my thing but ruffles and pleats, oh how i adore thee.
  • it’s really nice to have your big sister, who you’ve always looked up to, constantly comment on how much she likes your stuff (clothes, bags, etc.) and be so excited to get to go shopping with you.  i’m not a fashion plate by any means but it’s still pretty darn cool.  now if i could only get her to appreciate the TJ Maxx/Marshalls option and realize that it’s worth running through there every other week or so.  the money you can save is totally worth it. 
  • my sister and i managed to do a quick shopping trip on her visit and i’m completely jealous of the bag we found for her.  i spent too much time talking her into it and eventually thought i might talk her out of it just so i could have it!  i’m still kinda jealous.  i may or may not have been searching the internet for it since then.
  • in an effort to clean our place up we kinda shoved everything that will eventually go into the office, well, into the office.  but unfortunately it looks like this right now… i HAVE TO start on changing it this weekend.  either that or start keeping the door closed.



~ today i learned… Washington’s farewell address has been read in the US Senate on Feb. 22nd every year since 1888 ~


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  1. I’m not sure if it’s actually offensive to Native Americans or not, but I guess this is why a lot of the schools ask the kids to sit “criss cross applesauce” now.

    Love the coat and opening the account was worth it. I have a gap card that i opened just to get the discount with the intention of cancelling it the next day. Yeah, that was 6 years ago. Those coupons add up fast – especially now that I turned L on to gap. And, Baby Gap. Oh. So. Freakin. Cute.

    Comment by Dance in the Rain — February 18, 2010 @ 10:58 am

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