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February 12, 2010


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my husband reads my blog now.

actually no, let me rephrase – my husband has read my blog.  at least a page of it.  and knows where to find he if he cares to read more.

it all started the other day when we were headed out to eat and as i drove down the exit ramp from the highway there was a guy riding his bike in the road, he was swerving.  with cars alongside of me i had no where to go so i put the brakes on, just until he steadied himself.  apparently this ticked the drunken bike riding bum off because when i finally passed him he spit on my car.  no, he didn’t just spit, he hocked a loogie (sp?).  and it surprisingly bothered me.  not only was it filthy disgusting and vulgar, but what the heck did i do to deserve it?? 

anyway, as we drove home that night M asked “are you going to put that on your blog?”.  my answer was no, at the time, but it brought us into the conversation of my blog.  he’s known about my blog from the beginning.  i told him about it the day i started it.  i dont’ keep anything from him and, with the exception of a number of posts i can count on one hand that i talked to him about afterward, i’ve never posted about anything i haven’t talked to him about first.  there’s nothing to hide here but he’d still never read a single thing i’d written until now.  he just wasn’t interested.  when i told him about my blog the first time i asked him if he wanted to read it, he didn’t really, so we left it at that.  but after the other night (i think) he decided his curiosity was getting the best of him and he wouldn’t mind reading.  so i pulled up my site and sat it in front of him.

as far as i know that’s the only time he’s read it and i assume he doesn’t even remember the URL, but that doesn’t mean he won’t read more.  not that this makes a differenco to any of you but it just got me thinking.  up until now there’s only been one person i knew outside of the blog world that reads my blog.  only these 2 people even knew about it.  so with M in mind i was skimming through my blog the other day and i realized there’s not much here.  nothing compelling, just a ton of drivel and mindless ranting & ramblings.  over the course of the 2 years i’ve been running this blog i’ve written only a few posts that i’m proud of, really proud to have written.  the rest are just fluff. not that there’s anything wrong with that, i believe most of the things in our daily life are fluff just taking up space in between the really great and important moments anyway.  what i’ve also noticed is the major change in my tone/voice from the time i first posted to today.  it’s 2 years though, and alot has happened, i’m not surprised.

but it made me curious – if you’re a blogger, does your hubs/wife (just for you stealthnerd’s Boo) read your blog?  when you read back through your posts, are you proud of everything you’ve published?  or just a few things here and there?  do you think you blog exactly the same today as the day you started?  or is there stuff you wish you could blog about but don’t because someone you know might see it?



~ today i learned… Richard Cadbury invented the first Valentines Day candy box in the late 1800s ~



  1. Haha well we know my Boo reads my blog–and some of the other blogs I read as well :) As for my blogging past, yeah, I have some posts that I am REALLY proud of and then others that, well, ugh did I really hit publish? You’re right though, that the style tends to change as you go but I think it’s just settling into your blogging voice, you know? And I think everyone has stuff they can’t write about but really want to–that definitely makes it tricky though, because the blog is where I normally write all that crap down!

    Comment by stealthnerd — February 12, 2010 @ 10:53 am

  2. Yup, L reads the blog. He didn’t for a long time – mostly because I didn’t tell him about it. Not because I was trying to hide anything from him, but because I wanted it to be as anonymous as possible. I had put it on my facebook page for a hot second and then took it off – that WAS because I didn’t want to censor what I wrote. When L and I hit a rough patch because of The Crazy, I sent him the link and told him to read all the wonderful things I wrote about him – and wrote them when I thought he would never see them.

    I ran into a problem this summer when one friend found my blog and was not happy about some of the things I said about her. Then blew the whole situation completely out of proportion and we are no longer friends – by her doing, no matter how much I appologized and even though the things I said really weren’t that bad.

    Similarly, there are only a few posts I’m proud of. I had all intentions of writing beautiful pieces, because I am a good writer. But most of the time, it ends up being stream of consciousness. And well, the last several month have obviously tapered off. But, right from the beginning, I did this to remember the little moments in life, becuase that’s what is important to me. The fluff, I guess. :)

    Comment by DanceintheRain — February 12, 2010 @ 11:43 am

  3. Steve knows about it and occasionally reads it, but mostly just if I mention something specific and tell him to. He knows how to find it too.

    Comment by Lexi — February 12, 2010 @ 12:08 pm

  4. my husband reads my blog, but that doesn’t bother me at all. there are other people that read my blog that I wish didn’t because I want to write about them, haha.

    Comment by Jackie — February 15, 2010 @ 5:13 pm

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