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February 4, 2010

more cowbell

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i’ve got tha fevah

but i don’t believe the solution to this is more cowbell

because it’s baby fever.  and i know i’ve talked about it before but it’s only getting worse.  seriously, how are you supposed to deal with this?  is there any cure besides having a baby?

because we’re not ready.  and i can repeat that over and over and i know it way deep down in my soul but my ovaries have started a chant.  and sometimes it’s a really low and soft “baby.     baby.     baby.      baby…”  which i can deal with (think “monorail.  monorail…” to follow along).  i hear it and it makes me laugh a little but mostly it just lingers in my ear and dissipates once i focus on something else.

and then there are times where it gets a little louder, like when i stumble upon a new preggo or mommy blog.  and i can hear the chant  “Baaby.  Baaby.  Baaby!  Baaaby!”

but then there are moments, no DAYS, when it’s the loudest thing i can hear.  those are the days i spend surfing the web for the latest and coolest in baby products – nursery decor ideas, adorable booties and jumpers – or researching remedies for the pain and extreme discomfort that the act of labor causes for the following weeks/months.  it’s these days that i can hear my ovaries loud and clear, and they’ve somehow gotten my cervix, uterus, and even bladder in on the chant “BABY! BABY! BABY!! BAAABBYY!!!”

those days it takes over my life.  i can’t focus on anything else.  i revisit our plan, our timeline, and wonder if we should just cash it all in and start shopping for an über stroller.  i find myself judging everything in my wardrobe – would this fit if my belly were out to here?  i pull out the lower portion of my tops to see how big i could be and still get away with them.  i test the waistline on pretty much every pair of pants… i’ve already figured out i can continue to wear my husband’s pajama pants through an entire pregnancy. 

my list of pregnancy wants and the wishlist for future baby stuff just continues to grow and grow.  i can only imagine how enormous it’s going to be by the time we are ready to start our family.  it’ll be great and i’m thrilled that i get to have all this planning time but some days it’s just more than i can handle.  some days it makes me want to greet my husband after his day of work with “hi hun!  i wanna’ have a baby!”

S is coming to visit in a couple of months and i can’t wait!  she’s bringing me all of her pregnancy/baby-prep books.  i’m hoping that reading these (and the horrors contained within) will help quiet down my ovaries and the baby party with a little ya ain’t got ta go home butcha gotta get the heck outta hea… that means you too uterus.



~ today i learned… “uterus” is latin for womb ~


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  1. the books wont work. i’m reading what to expect before you’re expecting and it increased my fever. i want a baby NOW!

    Comment by Jackie — February 4, 2010 @ 10:26 am

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