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February 1, 2010

am i in trouble?

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while everyone else was out loading up their carts at the grocery store (for the storm of the century) i was at Macy*s, wanting to use my extra 20% off coupon before it expired.  and of course i did.  i picked up a pair of jeans for $10… CK jeans that FIT mind you.  you can’t beat that!  and of course 3 dresses for about $20 each, god bless Maggy London and Macy*s clearance racks!

but when i was checking out with the jeans the lady processing the transaction was politely conversing with me.  then she noticed the woman behind me and commented on her scarf “what a pretty scarf” she said.  the lady thanked her and said “and it’s warm too!”  to which i commented, “that’s the other important part.”  the woman behind the counter took the opportunity to then comment on the weather and talk about how “you really need a scarf because it’s just getting so bad out there” (okay, it was 35° out not really what i would consider too cold for anything but i digress).  as she handed me my receipt to sign she gave me a quick “be careful out there.  it’s going to be very bad out, if you don’t HAVE TO go out please STAY HOME and stay safe!”  the woman behind me made some remark about the forecasted snow and i gave my laughing “i’ll believe it when i see it”

*screeeech* the woman behind the counter stopped what she was doing, turned toward me and in a brisk and curt tone said “this is NOT a joke!  the weather is dangerous and not a laughing matter. Please STAY inside!”

i turned to the woman in the scarf and she gave me that look where your eyes get a little big and you flex the muscles in your neck with your mouth, the look that says “yeeks, she just told you”.  and i think her face said it all. 

i immediately felt my face get flush. did i just get in trouble by the lady at the Macy*s counter?  i felt like a kid getting yelled at by a friend’s mom. 

i didn’t bother to explain that i’m very familiar with snow or that yes, weather can in fact be funny.  especially when you live in an area that never gets snow.  i told my mom we went to the grocery store the day before the forecasted snow and she laughed at me.  i don’t care, i completely still trust my snow and ice driving abilities… it’s the rest of these people i don’t trust.  they can barely drive in the rain.  i’m not getting on these roads with them and 8″ of unplowed snow if i don’t have to.



~ today i learned… the state of VA DOT has 100 snow plows.  total. ~



  1. ha, I hear ya. We just had that same storm, except we had ALL ice. They joke down here that everyone runs out to get milk, bread and eggs when snow is forecasted. Well, what do you know, I actually NEEDED milk and bread the night before. Snow or no snow, I needed it. And let me tell you, there were slim pickings when I got there at 8:30pm.

    Some people just don’t get it, especially if they’re not used to it. We have few trucks down here too – but 100 for the WHOLE STATE? wow, that is crazy!

    Comment by Dance in the Rain — February 1, 2010 @ 12:20 pm

  2. That is the TRUTH. I scoffed at people who warned me about driving in the snow when I first moved to NC.

    Until I realized all of them were out to kill me, because they had no idea how to drive if it so much as got cloudy.

    Lord Allmighty.

    Comment by LiLu — February 1, 2010 @ 6:26 pm

  3. See, and this is why I don’t shop at Macy’s anymore. (also, “did I just *get* in trouble”–Boo caught that!)

    Comment by stealthnerd — February 1, 2010 @ 7:47 pm

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