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January 29, 2010

on being dirty

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it’s not that i have anything against being clean or bathing.  in fact I really enjoy the act of showering – i could stand under the warm water for hours ( to my water co.’s delight i often do) and i love all the fun shower stuff i have… pouf sponge, gels, hair repair masks, fancy great smelling shampoos.  and i love being so clean afterwards, the smell of clean is just so nice.

but it’s all the work that goes into it.  sure, my husband mocks my every other day showering routine (which, let’s be honest, sometimes turns into 3 days when the only time i leave the house is to walk the dog) and i mock the frequency with which he can shower multiple times in a day.  but i get why he does it, except the part about “feeling dirty”.  that’s one of his reasons for showering so often and i just don’t get that.  yes, i like that just-cleaned feeling but the feeling of not having showered in days doesn’t bother me (only during certain times of the month, yes, i went there). 

so anyway, i get why he doesn’t have an issue with showering in general – he’s a man.  there’s a whole lot less to it.  because for me the issue i have isn’t with the cleansing part, it’s with all of the prep and post maintenance that goes along with it. 

first, my face has to be clean.  i don’t like showering with makeup on.  i’m convinced the steam will open up my pores and all the makeup will get in and make my face worse.

i also have to make sure everything in the shower is ready to use.  there’s nothing worse than being in there and realizing my razor is close to 4 months old and just ripping the skin off my legs or the soap bar is too small for proper use.

and while i don’t need to lay out my clothes in advance i do have to have clean socks, slippers, or something to put my feet into.  i cringe at the thought of placing freshly cleaned feet onto a dirty carpet.

and if i have to shave… we’re looking at a 30min shower as a MINIMUM!

then once the shower is over the real primping begins.  in addition to drying off, putting on a robe, and getting my wet hair up into a towel, then i have to hurry up and slather on the body butter before my skin dries up.  and then the hunt for what to wear begins.

that’s not even the part that i always dread.  it’s the hair.  towel drying the hair, letting it air dry even further, getting all the right protection products onto it and then blow drying it with various tools and implements.  and then, THEN, i have to plug in the straightener and make it look acceptable. 

once this is all over i STILL have to put on makeup and change my outfit 2-5 times before i even leave the bedroom!

being a girl is tough work… it’s much more enjoyable when you’re clean but so much quicker when you can just blow dry the grease with some powder and put it all up in a pony : )

but it’s definitely worth it each time my husband greets me with a hug and then an “oh yay, you showered today!”



~ today i learned… rice-a-roni went nationwide in 1962 and came up with noodle-roni in ’64 ~



  1. AGREED. I love, love, love showering, but hate getting ready. My hair is naturally frizzy so I only wash it twice a week. I can’t handle drying, flat ironing, and rolling more often than that.

    Comment by Jackie — January 29, 2010 @ 9:23 am

  2. I cannot stay in the shower longer than 15 minutes. I only wash my hair every other day and on no hair wash days I’m lucky if I’m in the shower for 5 minutes. Of course I also shower at the gym before work so that might have something to do with it…

    Comment by littlespoon — January 29, 2010 @ 10:20 am

  3. Not gonna lie, I totally could have written this exact same post haha! Well, with the exception of checking the shower b/c I’ll tell you that a LOT of days I end up in the shower with the 4-month old razor. Whoops. That’s just another day my legs get to be hairy.

    Comment by stealthnerd — January 29, 2010 @ 11:44 am

  4. “Oh, yay, you showered today!” haha, I’m still laughing! :) I completely agree, for me, though, it’s all the post-shower stuff that I hate. The makeup and hair. Ugh. It takes me so long to do my hair. Since I’ve been out of work, I find that my hair ends up just being pulled up wet into a knot on top of my head if I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere and L is at work for the day/night.

    Guys just don’t get it. We were doing stuff around the house the other day and I didn’t shower until about 11:30 before we went out to lunch and ran some errands. So, by the time I showered, dried my hair and had makeup on, it was 12:45 (I hurried, ha). And then he goes, so do you want to go run around 5 before we meet up with everyone tonight?

    Umm, no. I did not just shower and do my hair for it to last 4 hours to go run and get sweaty and have to do it all over again!

    Comment by Dance in the Rain — January 29, 2010 @ 3:41 pm

  5. Great post! I am the total opposite. I cannot go without showering or washing my hair every day. Maybe on the weekends I will skip a shower for one day, but I start to feel icky by the end of that day. And then I think about my non-showered skin touching my bedsheets and I end up giving MYSELF the heebie jeebies! I have oily hair (so much for getting older and that going away…37 and still going strong. UGH) and I just can’t go without washing it. Even dry shampoo didn’t do anything. I don’t have an involved hair and makeup routine, since I work in an office that is like “Office Space”. No need to primp for the office mates. Because they are just ew-y. Heh.

    Comment by Mon — January 29, 2010 @ 4:18 pm

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