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January 27, 2010


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i just found out last week that we’ll be having our first house guests in about a week.  as you can imagine that doesn’t give us much time to get this place in shape for other people to walk through the front door.  i’m not even talking about the condition we want it in, i’m simply referring to getting a guest bed put together and the floor in that room clear enough to walk through… you know, those kinds of things, cleaning up the filth.  the things we’ve basically put off since we moved here.

but as we took down christmas the other week we sat in our living room and tried to figure out “what next?” and the issue we have beyond all the work that needs to be done is decorating.  we need certain pieces of furniture, we need extensions for all of our curtain rods (to bring them out far enough to cover the big blinds), and we need curtains.  lots of curtains!

so when i was on my little shopping kick i decided to pick up a few things…

from my never disappointing Pier1, these are for the family room, the same place we’ll have the coordinating color pillows

and then i saw this on clearance + 30% off at Steinmart and i HAD TO HAVE it!  i love anything we can personalize (ps they must be using a mini bed in that photo because it’s not really as large as it looks… it’s a good size, just not that big).

and of course because i have baby fever i had to buy one for a future kids room… the deal was too good and they were just too cute!  (please note i would never put something like that within reach of a baby crib, they’ll pull that off the wall as quickly as they gain that motor skill)

i’m now in search of a few of our next purchases –

  • sideboard/buffet
  • matching floor & table lamps & shades for the master bedroom
  • a headboard for the guest bed
  • small chest for the office – already have 2 cubes waiting just in case i can’t find something else i like
  • sitting chair for the master bedroom
  • accent chair for the family room (given new furniture arrangement)
  • large ottoman/coffee table for family room
  • family room curtains
  • dining room curtains
  • guest room curtains

and that’s just the short list.  obviously we’re not getting these things done any time soon but eventually.

it would be so nice to just drive out to Greenfront and buy whatever we need but the fact that we haven’t won the lotto prevents it from being that easy.

i’ll continue to hit up the Marshalls/TJ Maxx/Home Goods to try to find these things… i’m positive we can find something!

but last weekend we started working on the house and i have to say i’m reallky excited about it.  we got so much more done in one weekend than i thought we would and it’s SO NICE to see it all come together.  it’s more like a home now, not just a house.  and i’m a terrible blogger because as soon as we’d finish a room i’d stand there going “WOW!  what a difference!  i should have taken a before picture.”  but i said that with every room we worked on so oh well.  all i can say is i’m happy just sitting here staring at the wall now.  i was afraid it was never going to feel like home… but it is.  it really is.



~ today i learned… women can hear better than men but men can read smaller print ~


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