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January 21, 2010

it’s real to me

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so i have been working on a post about my (so called) bitchiness.  and what happened after my last post.  and some of my reasoning and further realizations.

and then i watched Real World DC.  i haven’t followed a RW in years… i think Paris was where i lost interest.  and i was so excited when i watched my DVR episode last night to see that they FINALLY have a bitch i can relate to.  and so much of what she said last night i was watching it thinking “yes!  me too!  no one else understands that!”  because whenever i used to want to be on RW (many years ago when i was still age eligible) S always kindly reminded me that i’d “totally be The Bitch”.  and it’s true, i know that’s the role i would end up playing because they always have a bitch in the house.  but oddly enough, the bitch they usually cast is someone i can’t relate to at all.  they’re just ANGRY people, or super aggressive, or alcoholics, or whatever.   but the girl they cast in the role this time is someone i understand.  i get where she’s coming from and it’s really nice to see someone else struggle with the same things i do for alot of the same reasons (with the exception of  the whole “my mom abandoned me thing). 

so i’m going to go in and re-edit my draft before publishing it because alot of what i’d come to realize was said by this girl.  okay, we’re not exactly attitude twins but we have many points of crossover.  and i get it.  finally, a “reality” character i can relate to.

so off to my drafts i go


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