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January 14, 2010

tune in

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sometimes i turn on the tv to find out that i have NO CLUE what’s on!  suddenly it’s like every show i watch has just disappeared and i can’t even think of anything to DVR.

but recently i’ve been able to find a catalogue of  shows that entertain me and i DVR them because i have no idea what day/time they actually come on.  here’s my recent list of favorites that i try not to miss an episode of…

Giuliana & Bill
LOVE this show!  i remember when their wedding was on E! and i was hooked.  then i watched a home design show where they did their apartment and i wished they would do more, i was suddenly very curious about them.  i don’t know when it started but apparently they have a reality show now.  and i’m as hooked as i had hoped to be… i LOVE them.  i dunno why, they’re just more real than most other reality show couples and their personalities are just so damn likable.  their relationship is my kinda relationship and i literally laugh out loud when i watch them.  (and anyone who watches this show… what does her brother do?  holy moly that house!)

Modern Family
M and i watch this show every week.  it’s by far one of the only shows on the major networks that we actually find funny.  How i Met Your Mother often gets us laughing but is that even on anymore?  i have no clue.  anyway, it’s renewed my faith in the major networks being able to find good comedy writers and producers that don’t just think americans are a bunch of dumbed down fools who find only obvious slapsticky humor by second rate comedians funny.  it’s nice to be reminded that some of us have brains and appreciate good old fashioned subtle humor.

Jersey Shore
c’mon, you know you watch it.  it’s something you just can’t avoid, it’s perfection.  best real world ever!

Keeping up with the Kardashians
i know it’s the trashiest of trashy reality shows and i’d never really watched this show before the wedding episode.  i knew a little about them but now that they actually have some compelling stories, pregnant chic and girl who may or may not be in a PR stunt marriage, i’m intrigued.  i really like Lamar, who knew,  and just seeing him on the wedding episode – he stole a little piece of my heart.

Teen Mom
don’t try to deny watching this one either.  it’s just that good.  i mean why can’t anyone understand that just because they’re 17 and  have a kid doesn’t mean they can’t be teenagers who hang out with their friends all night long and hookup with random boys while someone else takes care of the kid??  yeesh.  i have to admit that i watch this show during the day in the background just to follow the basic storyline but i can’t take in every detail, it’s just too much.

let me just end this by stating that i’m very clear by looking at the above list that i’m still slightly obsessed with trashy tv shows… they’re just so good!

oh, and i can’t wait for good shows to come back!  True Blood, United States of Tara, etc.  thank heavens Big Love is back (does anyone like the new beginning??)


~ today i learned… Alan Thicke wrote the theme song for Facts of Life and his wife (for some time) performed it ~



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  2. we love Modern Family too. hilarious!

    Comment by Jackie — January 14, 2010 @ 7:55 pm

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