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January 4, 2010

hair today gone tomorrow

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i’m too young to be this old

i’m not ready for it

i look in the mirror now and see someone who looks older.  not more mature, just older.  i’m hoping that when my hair grows back out i’ll regain some of you my visual youth.

i used to get carded everywhere, lotto, drinks, you name it.

i’m not sure if it’s the rings on our hands now or the fact that i’m starting to look like “an adult” in my face but i couldn’t tell you the last time i got carded.  and it makes me want to cry.

and to top it all off i pulled 5 greys highlights out of my head in one week.  IN ONE WEEK!  i was mortified that i’d been walking around for who knows how long with these puppies sprouting and growing.

and i can’t afford to take care of this situation right now.  even if i wanted to.  and i don’t want to.  because i LOVE my natural hair color.  love love love.  i’ve never dyed it and i never want to.  but i’m obviously going to have to… ugh, makes my stomach turn.  no one will ever be able to dye my hair to look natural, to look like what i took decades to create with the perfect sun exposure (or something like that) to look like the highlights mother nature gave me not father time.  i’m sorry, but i’ve never seen anyone who’s dye job looked natural… some look way better than others but really you can always tell when they’re chemical.  and i hate to think that i’m going to have to join that club.  to make matters even worse i can’t get my stylist to do it.  the only guy who i trust to cut my hair, you think i would trust anyone else to DYE IT?!  but he just got promoted AGAIN.  which means $5 more for hair cuts.  when i found him i paid $30 a cut, now it’s $80 and i believe his dye jobs start over $200 now.  START.

i’m going to continue to put this off until i’ve pulled so many highlights that i have bald spots.  maybe then i’ll just switch to wigs.  there’s a great wig shop just down the street from me.  i may have to check it out.

ugh… this whole aging thing is as awful as it sounds!



~ today i learned… a Spanish tradition on New Year’s eve is to eat twelve grapes at midnight, it’s meant to secure twelve happy months in the coming year ~


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