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December 10, 2009

boughs of holly

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i’ve had a fake christmas tree for years.  in fact i really love my tree.  it’s nice and thick and usually fits perfectly into a room. 

except our new family room.  it’s vaulted.  which means that my tree looks miniature… so after christmas this year i’ll be on the hunt for a 10ft+ full looking artificial tree.

but until then i decided that we needed something very christmasy, a real christmas smell, something to put me in the mood since it’s in the 60’s every day here.  and i settled on real wreath.  i debated over tons of awesome ones from Ballard, PB, Calyx, etc. but ended up with a nice one from Lowes (and for much less $).

so this has been hanging on our door (of course with an extra bird i put in it) and it smells lovely, you just have to be up close to it to really smell it because it’s carolina pine

and then the other day i got home and found a box on our front door.  i opened it up to find this awesome beauty

now i’m not usually a fan of the big bow and the decorative accents but damn does this thing smell AH MAZE ING!  it’s a fir, it was like christmas wafted out of the box as soon as i opened it! 

so now we have a conundrum.  2 live wreaths.  what do we do with one of them?  yes, we could put one on the back door but then i’d have to buy another wreath hanger… i’m kinda lazy like that.

and even if we do… which one goes on the front door?  the whole point was not only to look festive but so that it smelled like the holidays the moment you walked in the door. 

any suggestions?



~ today i learned… James Cash Penney bought a store called The Golden Rule Store and renamed it J.C. Penney in 1912 at the time of purchase ~


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  1. Could you hang it on the banister inside, or prop it on the side in the kitchen, or on a fire mantle piece?

    Lovely blog, btw x

    Comment by Vicky — December 10, 2009 @ 5:51 pm

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