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November 17, 2009

on your side

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every local news station does it.  i know because every sitcom/cartoon parodies it.  down here i think it’s 8 On Your Side, the local news program that encourages you to contact them with a complaint about a local business and then they go harass that business to either get you a resolution or they trash the business on tv.  i’m not sure if that’s the way the official rules are written but that’s what it all comes down to.  even the commercials for the segment are crazy, they’ll show someone from the news team knocking on the door of a business yelling “it’s 8 On Your Side – if you have nothing to hide you’ll come out and talk to us!”  it’s almost like a form of accepted mobster threatening. 

anyway, i was watching it the other day and they had a piece about a woman who wanted to get info out to the public on a funeral/cremation service.  apparently she’s had this bag of ashes that were supposed to be her family member when she received a call from the business saying “oh yah, that bag?  not yours.  we just found your bag, sorry about that.” 

i understand the woman was upset, she had been taking care of these ashes that belonged to a stranger and she thought it was her mother (or whoever).  she said she just really wanted the public to know so if anyone else used this company they can check to see if they were given the right ashes. 

it’s touchy, i get her being upset.  but i have an issue with this.  and it’s with the cremation company.  why TF would you call and tell someone you gave them the wrong ashes?!  no one would EVER know!  i guarantee you this happens more often than you think.  and maybe i’m a cold person for thinking this, but honestly does it really matter whose ashes you have?  it’s the sentiment you attach to them that matters, right?  it’s like if you find out that the woman who raised you isn’t your birth mother does it make her any less your mother?? do you suddenly feel/care less for her?

i’m not adopted, so i can’t answer that.  but i would like to think that the answer is “no”. 
i would just be pissed if they gave my loved one’s ashes to someone else and that person scattered them somewhere, say the ocean, that my loved one hated or was scared of.  that would be unfortunate.



~ today i learned… Coca Cola contained Coca whose active ingredient is cocaine from 1885 to 1903 ~


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  1. Here it’s Get Jesse! I love it just to watch him sign off. He always says, “This is (long pause) JESSE JONES!” It’s hard to get the hilarity of it across in a comment…

    Comment by Megkathleen — November 17, 2009 @ 5:50 pm

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