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November 16, 2009

animated love

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the other night M and i were in the mood for a movie.  so we switched the TV to ondemand.  as much as we both still want to see Gran Torino we just never seem to be in the mood for something that serious/heavy.  so we continued to flip through the options (by the way – Verizon tv guide menus SUCK!  they’re terribly counter intuitive and just take forever to find what you are looking for… if you don’t give up first) and came upon the title of a movie we both said we wanted to see when it came out but neither of us wanted to see it enough to go out of our way to watch it.  so here we were on a Friday night (still rainy might i add) and we figured what the heck, we’ll watch it.

so we turned on WALL-E.  and the fact that the opening scene began with Hello Dolly music had me hooked.  i knew i was going to like it.  but it’s a cartoon movie so i figured i’d like it as much as Toy Story.  i was wrong.  i’m a total sucker for a love story and i LOVED this movie.  and yes, i was shedding a few tears at the end (what?  i already admitted i’m a sucker).

so i know i’m WAY behind with the whole “WALL-E is such a good movie, awww” comments but another element i also loved is the commentary on the general public and our laziness.  i mean seriously, does no one realize that floating around as big fat blobs is really where we’re headed??

i was just listening to the news tell me that the number of kids with peanut and other food allergies is doubling and tripling year over year.  we’re breeding wussies.  lazy.  disrespectful wusses.  does no one else see this?



~ today i learned… the great wall of china is NOT visible from Outer Space… all objects begin to disappear about 300 miles up ~


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