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November 6, 2009

ah the bail out bullets

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  • as i was unpacking the other day i came across my winter make-up.  you know, the stuff that’s almost see-thru it’s so white.  i’m not quite there yet but i’m starting to blend it with my less-tan makeup
  • i also found some tan-time makeup… must be from years ago.  i can’t remember the last time i was that tan.  it makes me feel sad and old.
  • i rip up my neighbors grass every day.  different yards each time.  when my little puppy dog goes poop in their yard and it’s too liquid to just pick up i just grab the whole clump of dirt & grass with the bag and rip it out.  not sure if the neighbors will be thrilled about this but i figure it’s better than leaving doggie diarrhea in their yard.
  • i happened to go into The Loft this past weekend and was THRILLED to find the pants i’ve been pinning over for months!  they were $49.50 the first time i almost bought them.  then they went on sale for $39.50 and were buy one get one 50% off.  i caved that time but all i wanted was the grey pair and no store i went in had them.  this time i happened to wander into the store and found them for $18.88!  i kind of wish i bought them in other colors too but for right now i’m very happy (and wearing them : )
  • i’ve been obsessed with grey items since this summer.   i’ve been trying to find a grey purse for the past 6 months.  i just heard on TV that grey is very “in” this year.  why do i always feel like i’m ahead of a trend and then it catches up to me rather quickly?
  • i FINALLY changed my driver’s license name!  it’s official.  i can use my credit cards and everything that’s been piling up with my new name on it.
  • the lady at the DMV had to take my picture 4 times… apparently i wasn’t standing “straight”, i wasn’t looking at the camera “right”, etc.  what a pain in the ass.  the cool thing is that i got to keep my old license : )  
  • anyone want to pay top dollar for a fake id?  just kidding.  i remember when that was actually a viable thing to do though.  ah youth, those were the days.
  • i hate that my body butter gets more expensive every year.  i wish other people didn’t like it so much that they could keep raising the price but that it was still liked by enough people to keep it around.
  • M and i haven’t ventured out to find a mexican place yet… i’m kind of afraid.  i miss our old mexican joint.  it’s so easy to find bad mexican, that’s not what we’re looking for
  • i’m taking my dog to a doggie dermatologist.  i had no idea this was even an option.
  • why is it that the longer you’re at the vet/doggie dermatologist the more expensive your bill is?
  • the weather guy on tv in my new city has scary cheek bones.  i mean they’re sharp looking.  like giving him eskimo kisses could be deadly if you slipped.  he looks like a disney male lead.
  • i wish i could just completely stop watching Say Yes to the Dress and reading my favorite wedding blogs.  i keep coming across wedding dresses that i really really want!  i know i don’t get a do-over on this but i can’t help but keep seeing dresses and thinking “yes, that one.  that’s the one i want!”  hopefully i’ll find some events i can wear them to sans train.
  • i am so excited to go to Richmond next weekend!  haircut, eyebrows, and getting my ring cleaned.  i really hope M opts to go with me so we can enjoy some eating out too.  maybe mexican?
  • i accidentally forwarded all of M’s family’s mail when i set up our forward to our new address.  i feel bad because now all his mom’s mail is coming to our house.  i really need to get it all in the mail to her but i’m just busy… maybe tomorrow?
  • open enrollment is the biggest load of BS ever.  they release all the new benefits info to us and we have 2 weeks to decide what the heck we wanna do.  i hate it.
  • i have no plans for this weekend.  zero places i need to be or things that i have to do.  we’ll probably spend the weekend unpacking, cleaning, straightening up but i’m looking forward to doing whatever i want.  whatever that might be.
  • based on everything we still have to do with the house, and the holiday plans, etc. we should be able to kick back and enjoy a weekend by February 2010.  i’m not kidding.
  • enjoy your weekend folks!



~ today i learned… Yahoo is short for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle ~


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