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November 3, 2009

try and try again

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i keep trying

i keep coming up with partial posts in my head

i keep saving draft versions of unfinished thoughts

i just can’t seem to get it done

i’m not sure what it is.  i know it’s a combination of being so busy, being unmotivated, being lazy, and whatever else i am.  but i just can’t seem to get the posts out right now.  i’m still reading, and commenting, and still loving all the blogs i look forward to.  but i don’t seem to have any drive to keep mine up to date right now. 

i have so much to write about the house – all the repairs, all the redecorating, all the hassles and the enjoyment of trying to create a living space Together.  all the compromise and the bouts of arguments about stupid things like shot glasses or giant fortune cookies. 

i keep thinking about all the ways i view life differently now.  how much has changed in the past few years and so much more in the past few months.  and yet it’s all realizations while i’m driving, or walking the dog, or doing something else that isn’t sitting in front of my wordpress admin.

i’ve had so much to say about the pain in the ASS that is changing your name on every single thing… and how NOT easy some places make it.  but i can’t seem to find the drive to put the thoughts into typed words.

ugh, i hope this slump passes.  i love my blog.  i hate neglecting it.  i’m just not feeling it. 

maybe just starting here is what i needed.  maybe this’ll be the kickstart to get me going again.  we’ll see.

i’m off to save some more drafts


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  1. You know I understand! Also, I am dreading, DREADING, changing my name.

    Comment by Megkathleen — November 3, 2009 @ 7:14 pm

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