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October 20, 2009

what’s in your wallet?

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it was only a couple of weeks ago that i switched over from my cute summer purse to my favorite fall one.  and it’s already a disaster!  i’ve seen these before so i decided to followed suit today.  the premise is take your purse as it is, dump it out.  show a bunch of strangers the crap you carry around with you.  that’s it.  and let me tell you, if you ever need a kick in the butt to clean out your purse this little project will give you that for sure…

so here’s my lovely/favorite autumn bag:
october 025

here’s what it throws up when you turn it upside down:
october 017

and here’s the detailed account of what creates the permanent indent in my shoulder:

  1. a mini hair salon for quick fixes and on-the-go styling (sounds like a product label).  a comb for fixing stuff, a little Aveda smoothing serum which is heaven, bobby pins (note: there are always handfulls of them in my pockets as well), various hair clips, and a ribbon should i feel the need to tie my hair up like Pollyanna.  the only thing missing is all of my brown hair elastics… they must all be stacked around my shifter knob, my secondary storage spot.
  2. my phones – business on the left personal on the right.  i swear by Samsung phones.  oh, and the braided thingy on my phone is the best thing EVER.  M’s cousin made this for me, this kinda stuff is huge in Japan and i’ve never lost (or dropped) my phone since i’ve had it on there.  it’s AWESOME.
  3. car key, house key, work electronic access thingy, and bottle opener
  4. all my Reward card things.  this has been the best system for me.  i never miss out on points! (unless of course i completely forget to put it back in my purse)
  5. more keys.  you’d think i was a night watchman.  but these have all been accumulated through the move so we knew where they were.  they’ll come out as soon as our place is cleaned up and you don’t lose everything you put down
  6. a necklace i wore to a friend’s wedding.  not sure how it ended up in here but it did
  7. an array of lip products – chapsticks (because i have an addiction), Clinique lip gloss, stain, & stick (i really only ever wear the chapstick and lip gloss)
  8. receipts from this week – these usually get put away but i’ve been uber lazy.  i record every penny i spend, that’s why i keep them until i can record them
  9. my mini medicine cabinet – tissues, more chapstick (can you ever really have enough??), lactaid (should i want some ice cream), antacid, SPF, and shout wipes (mainly for the hubs)
  10. mini nail salon – file & neutral polish.  this is actually odd because normally i only carry clear nail polish and also a cuticle clipper (for pesky hangnnails).  i think this color is leftover from the previously mentioned friend’s wedding
  11. my Franklin Covey day planner.  i LIVE by this thing!  i swear if i ever lose it i might as well curl up in a ball and die.  my entire life is in here.  i’ve been using day planners since high school and this has been my planner of choice for about 8 years running.  this is usually where everything ends up at some point either recorded in here or stored in here.  i even had the Wedding Planning pages in here earlier this year… it was kismet when i found them.   oh, and the colored pens?  those are for this as well… everything is color coded.  i’m anal retentive super type A and don’t give a damn.
  12. driver’s license and credit cards – my quick grab for when i want to run into a store and not grab the whole purse.  they get shoved into the same pocket with my phone so i can grab it all at once.  at the end of each day they go back into the day planner for safe keeping.
  13. opera ticket stubs from the season opener, a button extra off a new jacket, and a handy tape measure for… um, measuring things i guess.  M uses it more than i do when we’re out shopping at Lowes (which is our new life).

so that’s it.  my life in a handbag.

i hope someone else i read does this too because i’m SO curious about what’s in everyone else’s purses!  show me!!



~ today i learned… ‘meme’ is actually said to be pronounced to sound like ‘cream’, i always thought it sounded like “mem”.  oh well, that’s how i’ll continue to say it in my head ~



  1. I love the blue tub of chapstick too. That is the best stuff ever in the winter!

    Comment by Jackie — October 21, 2009 @ 8:59 am

  2. oooh, fun! I just might steal this idea. You know, come back into the blogging fold. Or something.

    I usually carry a pretty big purse, too, and stuff seriously gets lost in there. I most recently cleaned it out when I was traveling a bit ago–trying to find all those liquid lip gels that apparently constitute a greivous security threat–and I seriously found all kinds of stuff I’d totally forgotten I was carrying around. Stuff like a mini nail salon–only problem was, I had no idea I had it, so never used it. Something to work on, I think!

    Also: I color-code my planner, too : )

    Comment by magda — October 22, 2009 @ 9:53 am

  3. That is a HELLUVA purse!

    Comment by LiLu — October 22, 2009 @ 10:59 am

  4. You’re so organized and you have a great pursE!!! :)

    Comment by walkingonsunshine18 — October 22, 2009 @ 8:48 pm

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