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September 14, 2009

i miss you RIC

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now that we’re out of Richmond it’s really started to hit me how at home i was there. there are so many little things that i took for granted but now have to find out about the new city (once we buy a house and know what city that is). 

what i took for granted:

  • i knew ALL the shortcuts, how to get anywhere from anywhere without having to get back to the main road
  • knowing where the traffic is at what times and how to avoid that, even down to staying in the right lane at rush hour to just before a certain exit and then sliding over to the far left to minimize the braking time
  • knowing all the best parking spots for ANY establishment
  • knowing which Macy*s has the best selection of Maggy London dresses on the clearance rack at all times
  • knowing where the local TJ Maxx puts their most recent shipment out on the floor, it’s the first place i always looked for Maggy dresses
  • knowing which Marshall’s is the ghetto one, and which one gets Maggy dresses (yes, i have a slight problem)
  • knowing that of the many Arby’s in town, which one has the BEST iced tea!
  • knowing what time the Smoothie King around the corner is actually ready to begin taking orders (not what time they open and then you have to stand in line for too long!)
  • a city FULL of historic landmarks that i never got around to visiting
  • all of the history M and i had there.  the many spots we could point out and say “this is where we first…” or “remember that time…”
  • driving by all of the places that i used to live (have i mentioned that this is my 6th move in 7 years?!)
  • knowing which flower shop has the freshest stems
  • the best pilates class around
  • steinmart.  there aren’t any in/around the new city
  • saving 10 cents per gallon when i shopped at Kroger… apparently there are no Krogers in the new city
  • knowing that El Paso place has the best enchilladas… i’ve never had any like them anywhere!
  • being able to avoid all of the bars where i was automatically the oldest person in the room
  • TO DIE FOR scungili!

and all of the things i need to find in the new city:

  • a new salon and hairstylist that i could possibly love as much as the guy who’s been doing my hair for 5 years
  • an OBGYN, i’m due for an appointment already
  • a dentist, possibly invisalign certified just for peace of mind
  • a dermatologist (i just had a spot checked out that we have to “keep an eye on”)
  • a GI specialist, man that makes me feel old
  • a freakin GP… why are these so hard to find?!
  • an optometrist that can deal with my preventative concerns
  • TJ Maxx, Marhsall’s, HomeGoods, you get the point
  • where to get something as delicious as Smoothie King… Richmond is the closest one to the new city!
  • good mexican food… which means trying every single place until we find something yummy
  • the closest Target to our new place
  • i already know that there’s a Jason’s around there so at least i won’t have to find a place to get a baked potato as a meal!
  • a sweet little asian alterations lady that will work wonders with every dress i bring to her in record time (and also puts those bra holders tabs in the shoulders without my even asking!)
  • a jeweler that will clean my ring when i come in once a month just wanting to shiny it up
  • a movie theater with the reclining seats and arm rests that lift so i can cuddle with my hubby unobstructedly
  • a fresh fruit stand… it doesn’t have to have the same incredible white peaches but having great freshly picked fruit is a MUST
  • a dry cleaner that will return my clothes back to me, not only with the zippers and buttons in tact but also CLEANED!
  • an esthetician that i love and trust enough to do my eyebrows and my bikini line for the summer : )
  • an ATM and bank location that is convenient… so far no luck
  • a grocer with the attached gas station… i love earning points for $ off gas when i am buying food!
  • what grocery stores carry the best selections of my favorite yogurts!
  • a duck wash… at least until i have time to wash and wax my car myself
  • a church that i am comfortable attending
  • a cobbler!  how will i live without this guy?!
  • a car dealership for my lil’ precious vehicle and her costly oil changes and repairs
  • which radio station is open and available throughout the entire area… so i can listen to my XM without having to change stations as i drive from town to town

and the #1 perk of this move…

  • PLENTY of Dunkin Donuts!!  not as many as any city in New England but way more than the ONE in Richmond!


  1. Okay, not to make you jealous, but there is totally a Home Goods in the backyard of my new place. Like, I can literally walk to it (which will be good during the week I am there w/o a car!)

    Comment by stealthnerd — September 14, 2009 @ 12:24 pm

  2. I have three Targets within 20 minutes of my house – I’m still not convinced this is a good thing. However, since I was laid off, I no longer have access to a Super Target – although it depresses me, in actuality, this is probably a good thing.

    The DD availability is great! When I was in college, my roommate and I drove 30 minutes during exams just to get iced coffee. I did a search on their website and in a 50 mile radius, there were like 4. We’ve got more popping up now. Nothing like at home though!

    GOod luck replacing all your places. I’m still working on that and I moved in with L over a year and a half ago – and moved to NC more than 3 years ago. Whoo

    Comment by DanceintheRain — September 14, 2009 @ 8:37 pm

  3. oooooh I hope you find some good scungili in your new place!

    I have to say that I am kind of jealous that you have a place to wash your car yourself, even if you rarely have time … I love having a clean car, but hate paying to have it done all the time!

    Good luck with all this stuff! I bet a lot of it gets easier once you get settled into your own place; at least in my experience, feeling at home somewhere really comes one step at a time.

    Comment by magda — September 16, 2009 @ 8:27 am

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