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September 7, 2009

practice makes perfect

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so there we were at the rehearsal… once we were ready to start we were all ears.  we’d met the new officiant a few minutes ago, he was nice enough.  he had us all sit and said a few things, then we stood up at the altar in order we would stand on wedding day.  from here we walked back down the aisle (practicing the recessional).  once we were out the doorway we lined up/turned around and practiced walking up the aisle (practicing the processional).  the music guy used our cues to make sure the right music was played for the right people – there were 2 short songs to cover the guys entering the sanctuary, M’s mom being sat, Matron’s entering, ring bearer and flowergirl… and then cut to the next song for the bride (that’s me!) and mom.  pretty simple.  we got to the altar and then the officiant said “okay, thanks everybody!”. 

ummm, what?  really?  that’s it?!  M and i kinda stood there blankly staring at each other, was that really all we needed to rehearse?

i wasn’t sure the flowergirls were quite ready for the next day, having only walked down the aisle once but okay, i guess that’s it.  let’s go eat : )

as we drove to dinner M and i joked about the rehearsal and how rushed it had felt, how we felt we had no idea what was going to happen at the ceremony.  i mean we’d gone over the ceremony details, adding a hand ceremony portion, inserting a few readings over some phrases from the bible, etc. with our other Pastor(s) but we hadn’t had time to go over all of it with this guy.  But, it is what it is at that point and even if he’d performed some Shinto ceremony the next day, as long as we were married and it was legal, we’d be happy.

then we had dinner.  delicious scrumptious dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in town!  it’s a typical fan bar/restaurant so we took up over half of the place (even with our meager party of 20).  this is the same place we go before every opera, the same place we used to eat before we were officially “dating”.  we love this place and it was great to share it with those we also love.  we handed out gifts and everyone seemed to like them.

i didn’t tear up… not once.  okay, maybe i did tear up but none fell!  i was very proud of myself!

oh, and here’s why the post is locked… my dress!

i don’t believe i mentioned this earlier… if i did i completely forget whatever i said so anyway…
it was my grandmother’s dress.  she wore it to my uncle’s (also my godfather) wedding about 50 years ago , you know back when you went into the city (i.e. Baltimore) to have a fancy dress made for you for such a special event.  it was so nice to have another thing from our family’s history involved in the wedding.  as i mentioned before, i’m a sentimental person, things with meaning are priceless to me.

so here’s the dress when i brought it home
Sept 08 057c

okay, so i didn’t take a very good photo of it… i suck like that.  but there was this huge lump of fabric all on the hip (like a little attached pouch with no opening) and the top was a bit big.  but considering i’m about 5’7″ and mom-mom was 5’2″ i had no idea how this thing fit me as well as it did! 
i had it taken in through the top (as always) and they nipped the waist and hips just slightly to make it hug me a bit more.  the pouch and extra fabric were cut off and made into new hip adornments for me.  this was the fabric i originally wanted to make a handbag out of for my mom… but my alterations lady jumped the gun and used it for these accessories.  oh well, i couldn’t find anyone to make it for a reasonable price anyway and i went ahead and attached the rosette to another handbag anyway… it worked out well!

here’s the final product… again, no great dress photos but it’s all i’ve got.

wedding 073crop

i’ve put out an APB to see if anyone has photos from the rehearsal… apparently i didn’t take many (about 3 i think).  i assumed someone else would have some.

i guess i could always put the dress on and take a better photo but that requires me getting off my lazy butt… fat chance of that…


… oh, and did i mention that i have an amazing husband?!  i didn’t even notice until someone else asked him about it during dinner but he wore the gag watch of Chairman Mao waving that my mom brought him back from China to the wedding rehearsal.  i also just sat back and watched him talking up my mom’s friends that i don’t even really talk to myself and they just loved him… it’s the little things… and he’s just the best!



  1. That dress is gorgeous – I love it!

    Comment by DanceintheRain — September 7, 2009 @ 9:26 am

  2. Oh, how cool to be able to wear something your gramma wore FIFTY years ago!!! That is truly awesome. :-)

    Comment by LiLu — September 7, 2009 @ 12:11 pm

  3. Ah! I see that watch in the photo! How hilarious! I agree that it’s TOTALLY those little moments that trump all the organized magic you could throw at a day. Happy happy happy. (And LOVE the dress, too!)

    Comment by magda — September 9, 2009 @ 11:16 am

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