it’s always like this

September 4, 2009

the drama doesn’t end there

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of course not… read the title… IT’S ALWAYS LIKE THIS!

keep in mind the wedding was on Friday. 

M and i were eating at Whole Foods when i was complaining about the cupcakery still not responding to me.  their cupcakes were delicious but they still wouldn’t tell me my final cost!  it was hard enough to get confirmation out of them that our order did in fact exist considering we had no contract or anything written to lean on.  then the last straw was that i wanted to cut our order back… our final guest count was down to 60+ so we didn’t need all the extras we’d ordered for our original 75+ count.  that’s when we saw them, cupcakes for less than what we would be paying.  we asked the girl working what the deal was, could we place bulk orders?  how much notice would be needed?  any discounts?  yes, 24hrs, and yes!  SOLD.  i sent an email that night cancelling our order with the original cupcakery.

my mom and i stopped by the church to drop off the marriage license and music when we ran into our Pastor who said “i need to talk to you”… uh oh, nothing good ever starts that way.  long story short he now needed to do a eulogy on Friday and could no longer officiate our wedding.  our original Pastor would not be available either so now we were going to have a 3rd Pastor lined up… someone we’d NEVER met before!  we’d meet him the night of the rehearsal… yeesh.

mom and i went by Whole Foods and placed the cupcake order.  we weren’t even restricted to ordering by dozens so we ended up with a few more flavors… PLUS 2 dozen awesome mini tarts!  yay!!
i also received a call from our Pastor (#2)  telling me to change the programs to show the name of the new Officiant (#3).  um, yah, no.  sorry.  i lied to a Pastor… i’m pretty sure i’m going to hell for at least that.  i just couldn’t imagine doing all that printing, cutting, rounding, brushing, rolling, and tying all over again.  not a big deal, right?
i also went to my final fitting with tears in my eyes thanks to my mom (who, by the way, tried to convince me that even S didn’t like my dress… and i don’t believe it but even if it IS true, at least she has the decency not to tell me!)

mom said she’d help with the aisle bows.  we both played with the tulle, couldn’t make it look respectable.  so we bought floral ribbon… except we never got around to making anything with it.  oh well, we’d have to wing it the next day.

everything in the world was left to this day… things we couldn’t do beforehand.  we scrambled all morning.  i proceeded to run around town unabashedly with my hair all in giant velcro rollers so it could set before the dinner.  i had just enough time to throw on make-up and my dress and get down to the church to begin decorating before the rehearsal started.  M was on the phone with his friend who lives near our house… he forgot shoes and socks so he was headed to rehearsal in flip-flops but luckily this friend saved the day by bringing my future intended some footwear from our house : )
my mother and sister were supposed to be there at the same time as we arrived… when i called them as i left the hotel they said they were waiting for their car from the valet *cough*bullshit*cough*.  i saw their car sitting out there when i left.  they’re TERRIBLE at planning their time and were out around town, i knew they’d be a few minutes late, no big deal.  when i got there i stalled the videographer who was waiting to do their interviews.  i called them 2x… “we’re almost there!”  yah, they strolled through the door 45 minutes late.  i kept my anger deep down… where it belonged.  except they’d set off a chain reaction… now M’s family interview was going to be 45 minutes late.  then the rehearsal started 45 minutes late, we ran to dinner 45 minutes late… uggh.  we also threw together some aisle decorations and ran out of tulle… it was passable and my family and friends really pitched in to make it happen as i ran around doing 42 other things.
during this time i ran out to the florist… i was told to swing by and check out the flower arrangements since we’d made so many little detail notes.  when they brought me back to the cooler i was less than pleased.  i would call this my only bridezilla moment.  i didn’t lose it, i was very polite and reserved, i asked to speak to someone about it.  and i did.  i explained how i’d specifically talked to the girl about not wanting the all white/cream thing to have too much green (especially that immature green in flowers picked too soon) how this made me think of funerals.  when she’s pulled flowers for me she’d showed me creams/whites/blushes… all i saw was white/green/peach.  hmm, not exactly what i’d expected.  and WHAT was with my bouquet FULL of carnations?!  i’d asked for at least 2 to remember our fathers… i didn’t pay $90 for a CARNATION BOUQUET!  GRR!  and the altar arrangements?!  i specifically said NO SPRAY… i wanted low, round, full.  these were straight out of the funeral home!  and they didn’t even have the corsages & bouts done!  i made my concerns gently known to the Mgr. and he assured me they’d fix them and we’d be all set tomorrow.  i trusted that.
the next day my bouquet had been relieved of greenish tints, i told them the peaches could stay for the girls, the altar arrangements were adjusted slightly (still not good) and the corsages and bouts… well, let’s just say no one else cared but i was unhappy with the turnout.  none of these affected our day… but i’m just ticked about the money we spent to have something look a certain way and made specific points that were important to me which were obviously disregarded in the end product.

oh Friday… again read the title of my blog… and stay tuned : )



  1. Goodness! I think everyone expects a certain amount of drama during their wedding week, but man oh man. I’m sorry chica :)

    Comment by littlespoon — September 4, 2009 @ 11:01 am

  2. Well now I can’t wait to hear how it went?! The big day finally!!!

    Comment by kerry — September 6, 2009 @ 9:01 am

  3. The whole cupcake situation would have stressed me out. Glad to hear that it made a turn for the better and for a better price, too! You certainly got your fair share of drama leading up to the big day, but I hope things went well on W day – can’t wait to hear more about it!

    Comment by DanceintheRain — September 7, 2009 @ 9:28 am

  4. this is a lot of stresses and changes at the very last minute! Glad you handled it well … I can just see you running around town with rollers in your hair. Love it.

    Comment by magda — September 9, 2009 @ 11:12 am

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