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September 2, 2009


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so a couple of days before i left on my vacation i told my boss that M took a job that was going to require us to move

the whole truth was that he took it 3 months ago but he doesn’t need that extra detail

i told my boss that we were in the process of selling our house

the whole truth is that we ARE… i just left out the part about how we’d already had it on the market for a few weeks and we had a closing date rapidly approaching

i told my boss that i’d keep him posted, i just wanted him to be aware.

the whole truth is that i didn’t want to tell him ANY of this, but i knew it was the right thing to do.  the thought of telling my job i “might be” moving just before a 2wk vacation (ie. a trial run without me) made me cringe.  i hate the job but i do loves me some paycheck.

the week of the wedding i called my boss while i was sitting outside of walmart waiting for my mom.  i told him that we’d received an offer on the house

the whole truth is that we received that offer weeks ago

i told him that we’d be moving ASAP… actually the weekend after i’m back in the office.  so i would kinda need to know by then if i was going to be working FT from the new city or not working there at all… i knew it was a gamble.  i wasn’t giving them long to make the decision, but it was the best i could do.

i’ve been looking for a new job in the new city.  i’ve put out a ton of resumes.  as of when i hung up the phone with my boss before the wedding i was pretty sure i’d be out of a job after we move this weekend.  it was a relief and also a minor stresser for me.  i work for the company 5 days a week against my better judgement and being fired would be a blessing in disguise… then again we want to buy a nice house and a paycheck is crucial.  okay, not crucial, but it helps.  it makes paying the bills and buying more Maggy London dresses easier.

and the other day i found out the news…. i have a job.  at least until we’re out of the holiday season, which means through this year.  i can wipe the sweat off my brow now.  it’s a nice cushion.  but i still hope to find something else before then… something better.  something that makes me happier… or at least less miserable.



  1. Welcome back!

    I gave notice to my boss a few weeks ago as well–now I’m moving to Philly in a few weeks! I have to say, it was totally a relief!!

    Comment by stealthnerd — September 2, 2009 @ 10:54 am

  2. When I quit my first job out of college, it was the hardest thing to do. I must have walked by by boss’s office 50 times a day for three days before I finally did it. And once I did, it was a huge relief as well. At least you have a pay check for the next few months – which gives you plenty of time to continue to look for something else!

    Comment by DanceintheRain — September 2, 2009 @ 12:35 pm

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