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August 21, 2009

next there’ll be dancing

after the chaos of the morning settles, after pictures, after “I Do”s, after drinks and dinner, somewhere after 7:30pm this evening i’ll be dancing with my HUSBAND!  holy cow! 

we discussed our first dance a long time ago.  i always thought it would be the version by Nat King Cole.  i tend to tear up when i hear the song in those lovely tones that only he can produce.  but the words, oh the words. 

i guess i always knew (and apparently so did M) that it would be an old song.  it’s much more us.  it’ s just so much more timeless and classic.  we’ll never have to look back on it and cringe (i’m indeed referencing a friend who’s first dance was to an ‘Nsync song, oh yes, it’s true… and an upcoming friend’s whose is by Beyonce).  plus i listen to oldies pretty much every day.  i grew up on them, i know the words to pretty much any song from 1950 – 1969, i just think they’re pleasant.  people used to sing in them (imagine that) and the lyrics weren’t offensive to anyone (imagine that)  and you can dance to them (notice i didn’t say “grind”, that’s all that exists anymore, well that and the souljaboy dance).   and it definitely helps that they’re usually much shorter than today’s songs, we’re not into the all-eyes-on-us thing anyway so the less time we’re stared at the better.

so it wasn’t until i stopped for a minute and remembered M’s love of Sam Cooke that we had our song.   you see M is 9 years my senior and we grew up in different musical eras (besides the fact that apparently i grew up in the 50’s that was my house anyway).  so the music he listens to doesn’t always appeal to me and vice versa.  basically we tolerate each other’s music.  the unspoken rule has always been that whoever is driving gets to listen to what they want.  there are certain elements of my listening tastes that M likes more than others, and one of these is Mr. Cooke himself.  so it only took me a second to think about the fact that the song by N.K. Cole was also done by Cooke (among a slew of others) so the decision of what song to dance to was made and it was unanimous.

i’m sure i’ll be a ball of smiles and tears as his hands shake a little in nervousness and he leads me around the makeshift dance floor (i’m just hoping i don’t catch a heel on an errant brick).  i’m sure i’ll be singing along (if i’ve had a few glasses) or at least mouthing the words to him.  the beginning is my favorite part but all the words still bring me to tears every single time… they couldn’t express our feelings any more succinctly.  it’s plain and simple, much like us.

sing along with me

i love you, i love you
i love you, i love you
i love you, i love you
i. love. you.



~ no learning today – just love and happiness ~



  1. Ohhhh CONGRATULATIONS to you both! So, so happy for you! Great song,too. I think this will be lovely.

    I’ll want to see lots of pictures, Mrs.!

    Comment by magda — August 21, 2009 @ 9:10 am

  2. I had a friend who used a Nick Lachey song as theirs…

    So, so happy for you both, many congratulations and all of the above :)

    Comment by Lexi — August 21, 2009 @ 10:11 am

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Sounds like a great song choice. I agree on the older songs – def more classic.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — August 21, 2009 @ 10:30 am

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