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August 19, 2009

part(y)ing gifts

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before i even asked my bridal party to BE my bridal party… before i was even engaged… i started thinking of what i was going to get them as gifts.  you see i love gifting (have i mentioned this? : )  almost unnaturally so.  creating gifts for other people and usually putting them together in a pretty presentation is absolutely one of my FAVORITE things to do.  so i knew this was one thing i’d really look forward to doing as much as trying on dresses.

before i started purchasing anything i’d had some ideas.  many of them are ideas that roll around the wedding world for party gifts…

pashminas, shoes, jewelery …then i started to think… what would i want?  what could i use?  what could THEY use that they won’t have with them?  what would be useful that they don’t already have?  so i started to brainstorm and came up with a few ideas. 

first i wanted to get them something that would be of benefit to them… and i swear by these for myself so i got them the Hue purse pack of foot pain relief pads.  it comes with the insole pads, pillow strips (for strappy shoes) and the thong wraps (which are supposed to go around that thong thingy but i use them on the back of the heels, they work great!)
hue_10327_insolemassager1pillow_stripz thong_wrapring-320

then i found some spanx-esque shapers for $1 on the clearance rack at Marshalls.  you heard me, ONE WHOLE DOLLAR!  some of you may think it’s gauche or rude but you obviously have never heard any of our conversations… we all buy them whenever we see them at a good price.  so i thought it was fitting (pun intended) plus i’ve already given them over to the girls… i wouldn’t want them pulling these out in front of our rehearsal guests

then i found these great makeup bags on clearance at Ann Taylor Loft so i grabbed each girl one and had them embroidered with their initials on the outside.  then i added a few products that i enjoy from Body Shop and B&BW.  lastly i saw these cute mugs with their initials so i grabbed ’em and stuck a Dunkin giftcard inside of each one (now THAT’S something that people can really use!)

i guess this is where i started to get a little carried away with the embroidery.  i would have bought an entire basket of things and had them embroidered if i had the money.  so anyway, the next thing i decided to do was something to wear the morning of my wedding while getting ready.  i’ve seen where people give out shirts that say “bride” “bridesmaid” etc. but what’s the good in those?  you get to wear them for less than 24hrs. so i wanted to do something cute that also isn’t a total waste of money, or at least can be worn again if they want.  i saw something like this that was given to a bride and i decided that i loved it.  so i’d do it for all of us.  now i don’t expect these to get use every day but at least they can wear them more than once.  around the house, whatever.  so i decided to get a top that zips because isn’t that always the issue on that morning because of  hair & makeup… what can i wear that i don’t have to pull over my head?!?  i wanted to alleviate having to find an answer to that question.  the only concern was that it was going to be august… hot, steamy, mid atlantic, august.  do you have any idea how hard it is to find a short sleeve hoodie with no logos on it?!?
luckily i stumbled across this and got them for a great price (<$10 each!)! 

they look kinda sad and lifeless in this photo but they’re SUPER cute in person!    i embroidered everyone’s married name and wedding date… like this

Mrs. M
est. 08.21.09

and i know i’m biased but i LOVE them and got one for myself too!  i can’t wait to wear it!!  i can’t wait to get a picture with all of us getting ready in them.  and just to keep the flowergirls in the loop i got them hoodies and embroidered them too, but with just their first names.  i think they’ll be adorable… only problem was i couldn’t find short sleeve kids hoodies to save my life.  i’ve even seen those cute zip bathingsuit coverups that i could have used but i just haven’t seen them for the $7.50 price i got their hoodies for.

for the flower girls i also got them charm bracelets with a couple of charms to get them started.  then i found these AWESOME chalk mugs & frames and had to get them those!  i got them each a  beach bucket for $1 and that will be what i put all the gifts into since we always go to the beach when they’re here.  ooh, and i got a tube of glow bracelets for $1… so excited about those!

oh, because i happen to be photo happy right now, here are some pictures …



  1. Those are really great! I love the “est. date” on the hoodies!

    Comment by DanceintheRain — August 19, 2009 @ 10:26 am

  2. This seriously makes me want to go out and start buying things for people! GREAT presents … and so creative. I like this approach a lot better than a bracelet or something that itself would cost as much as all of this together.

    Comment by magda — August 20, 2009 @ 8:49 am

  3. Cute stuff!

    Comment by The Northerner — August 20, 2009 @ 9:19 am

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