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August 18, 2009

detail details

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so i know i’ve mentioned things about the wedding, you probably even believe you’ve heard every stupid little detail about what we’re doing but oh my, you have no idea.  the more i think about the upcoming day the more i get tangled up in all the little tiny details that are going into it.

so for the sake of recording it for myself i’m going to list out all this menial shit below…

preceremony details
– i will begin getting ready, hair & makeup with my girls at the hotel
– M is getting ready at the hotel on another floor
– we’ll be meeting in the park to see each other for the first time and then take photos with our wedding parties

ceremony details
 – aisles will be swagged in tulle (thanks to papermart prices) we’re using this not only as decor but since our church is way bigger than the space we need so we want to rope off the last half of the pews… every other (or 3rd, haven’t decided yet) pew end will have a tulle bow or giant tissue flower
– programs are being made on our home printer, they will be wrapped around a balsawood fan and tied with ribbon, we’re not doing these in a 1:1 ratio, most people will throw them out so we’re doing about 2/3… we roughly figure one for every couple
– the programs will be set out in the pews already so that we don’t have to have someone handing them out… plus we figure it’ll avoid the confusion of everyone thinking they get one
– the bags of seeds will be in baskets at the rear of the church so that guests may grab them as they leave to shower us when we walk out of the church (our DOC will hand these out, but it’ll also be mentioned in the program)
– bags of seeds have a label on them that says “for showering the lovebirds”

reception details
– after passing through the brick walkway where our mossy last initial hangs, our guests will be greeted with a nice cold mojito as they enter the reception along with passed hors deourves
– no assigned seats as table are fairly small and will be scattered throughout the garden
– just before dinner M and i will have our first dance
– buffet style dinner served so guests may fill up on what they want, and avoid what they don’t
– japanese lanterns will hang from the tented areas, with ribbon streaming from below
– each small guest table will have a japanese lantern resting in the center with a bow of ribbon atop (so we don’t take up too much space on the tiny tables, and we opted not to do flowers so we wouldn’t compete with the gorgeous setting)
– cupcakes served just after our first dance
– that’s when my BIG SHOCK will come out and catch all the Hokies, and most importantly my NEW HUBBY by complete surprise!
– before the end of the reception i will change into my departing Maggy dress, guests  will see us off out the front doors and then will follow just behind us to head out to the bars!

guest book table will have…
– one of our altar arrangements
– a quaker style wedding certificate for all guests to sign, that will later be framed and hung in our home
– a photo of each of our parents weddings on an easel, so that our father’s are not forgotten
– a sign asking guests to sign the certificate, framed and on an easel

cupcake table will have…
– 4 different flavors of enormous/muffin size delicious cupcakes displayed on platters and cake stands with differentiating heights
– each flavor will have one cupcake flag to let guests know how to identify which one they’re picking

candy buffet will have…
– the other one of our altar arrangements
– glass jars full of our favorite candies, with silver scoops and tongs where appropriate
– labels on each candy jar made on our printer and attached with ribbon
– kraft brown tin tie bags with ivory labels (of course made on our printer)
– a sign telling guests to fill up, framed and on an easel

gift table will have…
– hurricane lantern for holding all gift cards
– a sign made on our home printer and attached to lantern via ribbon



  1. This sounds so lovely. Congratulations! (And I’m so glad the Hokie surprise worked out, too!)

    Comment by magda — August 18, 2009 @ 9:19 am

  2. Everything sounds so lovely!! I’m not familiar with the Quaker certificate, but it sounds like it will be a nice addition to your new home. I can’t wait to see pictures – I hope you share some!

    Also, I may have realized that my mom has a large top-opening lantern at home. Hmm, how conveninent. ;-)

    Comment by DanceintheRain — August 18, 2009 @ 9:36 am

  3. What is this Hokie surprise you speak of? Did I miss something?

    Comment by Lexi — August 18, 2009 @ 9:50 am

  4. I hope Hokie Surprise consists of turkey stew. Just kidding! I’m a Hoo :o) Although a dish called Hokie Surprise might work very well at a Wahoo Tailgate party. Wedding sounds lovely. Enjoy the details on that day, and be proud of yourself for all the awesome planning you did1

    Comment by Mon — August 18, 2009 @ 11:58 am

  5. sounds like you’ve got everything covered! can’t wait to hear about the surprise…

    Comment by The Northerner — August 18, 2009 @ 6:42 pm

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