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August 12, 2009

gitrdone v4 FINAL!

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okay folks, we’re almost there and oh how far we’ve come

  • rehearsal dinner– menu is DONE
  • officiant meetings – passed in our tests and are DONE
  • dress fittings/alterations– final fitting a couple of days before the wedding so that my mom is here to learn the bustle
  • Mom gifts – we’re done with these, they’re purchased anyway.  i’ll tell more in my future posting about party gifts
  • make welcome bags – letters are printed, all stuffing supplies are purchased, just need to put it all together over the weekend so they’re nice and fresh for our guests (there are so many pieces to these, i’ll break them down in another post)
  • make programs – printed, tied and DONE (even though we printed and cut half of them, then the Pastor noticed we left the mothers and ushers off and told us to redo them… so we’ve printed and cut them again)  oh, and we both apparently have some sort of allergy to the sandalwood so that’ll be fun when everyone is fanning them in the church : )
  • make moss letters – these are on M’s list, i still believe these will be a last minute thing (am i a dreamer?)
  • break in shoes – yah, not so sure when this will happen now… maybe while we dance around the house?
  • tan– two days of sunbathing so far, one more would be perfect, zero more is doable
  • make timelines – doneity done DONE
  • parent photos – DONE and LOVE them!
  • guestbook/certificate – found the BEST guy to do this!  can’t rave about him enough! i have it finished and in my posession
  • arrange candy – tested, photographed, and ready to go!
  • book hotel – DONE
  • rehearsal invites – DONE
  • engagement photos – DONE and can’t wait to see them!
  • video interview – DONE (this was alarming as tears poured down my face as i talked about what M means to me… not a good sign for the upcoming day, i thought i could be tear free)
  • cupcake flags – i’m going to make one for each flavor so guests know what they are… at least i’m planning on still doing this
  • M’s surprise – DONE!  and SO FREAKIN excited about it!
  • whitening – my buttons are off and whitening has officially commenced!  i’ll be done a couple days before the wedding
  • facial – sorry facial, you got bumped off the list entirely.  i tried to save you
  • ceremony music – DONE we ended up buying a CD off of Amazon with other gifts for M’s guys… we were planning on using different music from Operas since we’ve been season ticket holders for some years now and it would be a nice personal touch, but we really just don’t have time so why re-invent the wheel
  • reception music – DONE  we have a list of must plays already going and will leave the rest up to the DJ. 


and here are all the things i previously left off or for some inane reason decided to add to the list as we’ve gotten closer!

  • seed bag w/labels – DONE  these were not necessary, but i had sticky paper and i couldn’t resist using the term “lovebirds” around birdseed and my trusty corner rounder (a staple in everything paper i’ve made so far)
  • candy buffet bag labels – DONE  i bought the aforementioned sticky paper and ended up using it for these as well (we’d originally intended to cut them out with fancy scissors but we completely forgot and had stuck them to bags before we remembered… oh well, no one will notice but me)
  • candy jar labels – DONE  and ready to go
  • bathroom basket fixin’s – just have to fill a few holes in the assortments…  i’ve had the containers for a while and i just can’t wait to get them back and use them in our house!
  • candy table & guestbook signs – DONE
  • dress clean & steam – the salon will be doing this and i’ll pick it up the day before the wedding and take it straight to my mom’s hotel
  • rehearsal outfit – DONE  my dress was wonderfully cleaned and is ready to go! (mad props to a cleaner who can take such good care of fabric that’s 50+ years old and make it look and feel brand new!)
  • wedding packing – i still have to pack everything i need for wedding day and then for the following days all before the rehearsal starts!
  • honeymoon packing – i also have to pack as much as possible that i’ll need for the honeymoon before the wedding… i don’t want to be scrambling on Sunday night trying to get this done!  i’ll forget something, i just know it.
  • reserved signs – added these to the list recently, they’ll be on the first pew of each side, for our families
  • groomsmen ties – DONE  we’ve been trying to find a tie for the best man and ring bearer for a while now.  do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a tie for little boys?  it’s freakin impossible.  we ended up ordering one online. 
  • groomsmen gifts – M has been waffling on what to get them for months… i’ve been nagging him to get them done.  i made him commit all of last weekend to figuring out what to get them and making it complete.   we’re just waiting on a couple of orders to arrive at our doorstep (nothing like waiting ’til the last minute : )
  • booze – we have a friend of a friend in the industry, he said he would hook us up with all the liquor and wine we need.  so far we’re just waiting for him to hand it all over and then we’ll be able to go to the store and buy whatever we’re missing
  • thank you notes – we’ve received a few gifts and are just going to send out their Thank You notes before the wedding, they’re older people and will keep calling our parents asking if we got their gift yet until they get a Thank You in the mail
  • pin for mom – part of the fabric from mom-mom’s dress was made into a rosette and i’m going to sew a pin on it so my mom can wear it if she wants
  • buy fake rings – M has decided not to have our adorable ring bearer carry the real rings to avoid the step of having to untie them so we need to buy some fakies to put on the pillow
  • pens for guestbook – DONE i wanted to make sure we used archival ink pens as well, i’ve now purchased 2
  • decorate lanterns – sewing streamers onto the bottom of the lanterns that will be hanging
  • centerpieces – we’re also using lanterns for centerpieces but i just need to tie bows on the top and make little weight bags for them so they don’t blow away
  • duck decor – if i have time i’ll put together little bows for the cast ducks that sit around the fountain in the middle of the garden (i’m a dork, i’m well aware)
  • tips – have all the vendor Thank You cards and tips written out in advance to hand over to our DOC
  • bridal party cards – i’m writing my usual mini novels to each of the people in my bridal party so these need to be done soon!  i also need to write M’s card
  • final vendor confirmation – this just means sending over the itineraries and getting a “Yep!” from vendors on their timing/arrangements
  • pew bows – i started fiddling with the tulle but can’t achieve the look i want… i might need to go buy some ribbon.  either way i need to have bows done and ready to go, maybe my mom can help with these
  • pocket squares – M has been VERY picky about these, i’ve told him they need to be done ASAP
  • my something blue – so i was set on a hanky that i could just stuff into my dress but i caved on the $3.99 special undies at Macy*s so i guess that’s what it’ll be… but now i kinda want a hanky for fear that i’m going to sob like a fool

YIKES!  i guess that is a bit… especially since some of those could be broken down into way more steps.  oh well, you get the point.  i’ve got shit to do!



 ~ today i learned… in the 1500’s most people got married in June because their yearly bath was in May so they were still smelling pretty nice after only a month ~



  1. wooo! This is the final count down, for real! And you know what, it’ll be absolutely lovely, whether or not you get all the would-like-tos done. Be proud of yourself — you’ve done great work here! I can’t WAIT to hear how beautifully it all comes together!

    Comment by magda — August 12, 2009 @ 2:50 pm

  2. What great progress! So, so soon! And I would totally decorate the ducks. In fact, I’d probably try to figure out how to make little bowties for them. :)

    Comment by DanceintheRain — August 13, 2009 @ 6:04 pm

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