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July 30, 2009

back in the beginning

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yah i’ve only been thinking of ideas for our wedding in the past year but i was definitely exposed to gorgeous weddings long before i became an avid blog reader. 

i used to subscribe to many magazines, one of which was Town & Country.  i loved this magazine and one of the perks that i was unaware of until i was already a subscriber was the annual (or was it semi-annual?) wedding edition.  of course whenever i’d get these i’d hide them around my apartment, i didn’t want any guy i was seeing at the time to get the wrong impression.  i didn’t do too much with these editions but look at the pretty pictures.  but what’s funny is that i pulled out some images from years ago that i saved, and now that i see what i love even in today’s wedding world my tastes never changed.

i’d recently found these images that i’d pulled out of the pages of various T&C wedding editions, i’d saved them for some reason and i’m sure my thought process for pulling them out of the magazine was something along the lines of  “ooh, how pretty!  maybe i’ll just have a big party like this some day!”

scanwed0004sm scanwed0005sm scanwed0006sm

but now i just plain love them.  and i still wish my wedding would look anything like these, but it’s just not gonna happen (no matter how much i wanted long tables!).  alot of our chosen elements don’t lend to being able to do much else that isn’t going to cost us a small fortune.  i’ve already spent more than i care to think about on things that will not matter to anyone else but me… but it’s important to me to have all of these things go together.  it’s important for any party i throw, i like things to be very cohesive.


 ~ today i learned… that’s i’m totally off when it comes to time, i had no idea the wedding was so close that i already have to begin wax "prep" (feel free to ask if you don’t know, but most likely you don’t want to know) ~


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  1. LOVE the lanterns and long tables too! Your big day is going to be beautiful with what you guys have put together even if it’s not all the elements you’d want to incorporate. Don’t the long tables always look so great?

    Comment by DanceintheRain — July 30, 2009 @ 10:41 am

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