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July 29, 2009


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so i’ve been working very hard on wedding stuff over the past week (surprise, surprise)

first up, the candy buffet.
i pulled out the giant tupperware tub of dishes that i’ve stockpiled after the candy arrived to see what was going to work best in which container.  well, the last one i unpacked was broken.  i was bummed.  this is the second dish i’ve broken already but i knew i could just go out to Marshall’s and get another one so all was not lost.  i knew the new one wouldn’t be as cute but it’ll do… and i learned a valuable lesson about the difference in the thickness of the glass and which ones are more breakable.  so anyway, without the new container that the gummi worms would work in here’s what i came up with…
stuff 009

of course everything is still in the bags they arrived in and i don’t have my beans yet to stand all the rock candy up in so it’ll look much nicer once it’s all setup.  at least i hope so : )

so next i worked on the labels for the candy.  i printed off a sheet of them in the fonts we’ve been using for everything and then i wasn’t sure what i was going to do at all.  i sat there, stumped, until i saw the place cards i’d bought waaaay back in the beginning for 50 cents.  i had this pile
stuff 036  which of course then turned into this stuff 040crop

now all i have to figure out is whether i want to leave them as tents or put some ribbon in between them and wrap them around the dishes as i originally intended.  we’ll see how this goes… i think i have to pull out my hot glue gun to make this happen!

i love our card box… so making the sign was simply a printer and cardstock, my trusty corner rounder, and some of our ribbon collection and threw this together… i might redo it though actually cutting out the words rather than just a square around it.  it definitely needs some help… i’ve got time to fiddle with this.
stuff 034crop

next i worked on our family photos.  as i’ve mentioned before both of our fathers are deceased.  we struggled with finding a way to honor and remember our fathers without making it morbid or bringing the mood down.  it’s personal preference but we both felt that an empty seat at the ceremony, a mention in the program, any of these things that most people suggested would be like a flashing neon sign shouting OUR DADS ARE DEAD!  but we also didn’t want people to think that we weren’t thinking of our father’s on this day (which of course we both absolutely will be) or that we were neglecting their memory in any way.  so we decided on pictures.  not just pictures of our dads (again, slightly morbid & depressing to us) but instead pictures of our parents and their wedding days, the happiest moments of their lives (before they had us of course : )   so i took 2 of these frames…
stuff 019  and turned them into these parent frames

this is probably my FAVORITE project so far!  i’m really excited to display these at our wedding and i hope it brings up the memories of our fathers that make people smile rather than shed a tear.

hmm, what else.  oh yah, this is the ribbon collection i’ve been working off of.  everything we put together somehow stems off of these and they’re neutral and Michael’s tends to have at least one of them at any given time so it’s no problem grabbing more as they run out.  one of them was used on our invites, one was used on the flowers i left on my father’s grave and will also be used to wrap my bouquet, one is being used on the candy buffet bags, some are being used to tie bows on the top of our lantern centerpieces, and most of them are being used as streamers from the bottoms of the lanterns that will be hanging up.
monday 151

that’s all i can think of right now… i’ve got plenty of other projects in the can but not quite finished yet.  hopefully they’ll be done soon, only a few weeks left!!   Eeeeee!!!!!!



~ today i learned… HI is 6hrs behind in time, somehow i knew they were off but i was thinking it was like 13hrs or something asian like that ~



  1. I think that all looks really great! I like the idea of tying the labels around the candy containers. Does that lantern open from the top or the side? I’ve been looking for a top opening one since I saw it in one of your previous posts (what? I’m just *looking* ;), but can only find side opening ones. The pictures of your parents came out really nice – I think that’s lovely way to pay tribute not only to your dads, but both parents as well.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — July 29, 2009 @ 9:37 am

  2. Wow you have been working so hard and it is certainly paying off! It all looks great :)

    Comment by littlespoon — July 29, 2009 @ 10:42 am

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