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July 27, 2009

again with the bullets

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sorry about this, actually no, i’m not really sorry at all. i just prefer to use bullets when i have this many different things spinning in my head at once so here’s my weekend recap…

  • this weekend was jam-packed-full and because of this it flew by and i just can’t believe it’s over already
  • i cleaned the house up into “show” condition and left to be with M, i called the realtor and just left her a message saying “hey, i know you were coming over to take photos of the interior today but i’m leaving right now, i’ve left the house in condition so just feel free to come on in and do whatever you need to”
  • about half-way down the highway i get a message saying “not today.  i’m out with my family this weekend.”  um, really?  why did you tell me all week you were coming by on Friday then?  that irks me.
  • i spent the night down at M’s mom’s house.  this was the first time we’d both stayed down there since we became engaged so… we got to sleep in the same bed.  it felt so scandalous! 
  • we got up bright & early the next day and drove around homes for sale in the city where M’s new job is, we didn’t see much we liked.  it was really disappointing.
  • so we headed to the beach to soak up some sun for a bit.  i’m proud to say i walked away with a little bit of a tan line… 2 more days like that and i’ll be golden (pun intended)
  • after leaving the beach we drove around 3 of the outlying cities to look at homes for sale there… again, NOTHING.  it was so depressing.  the areas down there are so sketchy!  of course the homes i loved were the ones in the older downtown areas, the old colonials & victorians… but if you know anything about most southern cities it’s that the older downtown areas are completely ghetto now!  it’s such a disappointment when you drive around and see such amazing homes in such terrible shape.
  • so we drove back to Richmond and grabbed dinner and cleaned the house up a bit
  • i tried on many, many outfits until we finally came up with what we’d wear for the engagement shoot.
  • again we got up bright and early on sunday and headed out for our shoot.  i really have no idea if he can photoshop the bags & circles out from under our eyes but i sure hope so… we were both SO tired!
  • we walked around downtown and took photos then headed over to a little island where everyone plays in the water for the last shots.  i have no idea how they turned out but i really can’t wait to see!  neither of us felt “natural” no matter how many times he said to act natural. 
  • we went straight to Sam’s club on our way home because our house was being shown right around the time we were finished.  we bought another $30 worth of stuff for the candy buffet and then all of the snacks for the welcome bags.
  • once we got home we grabbed a quick nap while watching smokey & the bandit (i love me some burt reynolds!)
  • headed back out to get a new phone for M (verizon stores are ridiculous!) and then grabbed an early dinner so M could get back on the road.
  • once we got home M packed his stuff and headed back down to his mom’s since he had to be on a plane for work early this morning.
  • i lost it.  as i have been lately.  i can’t stop from crying each time M leaves.  it’s the only thing that stresses me out these days.  i hate being away from him all week.  i hate that our weekends are always so full of running around and doing stuff (i love that they’re productive, just hate that we’re so busy and there’s no just lying around time) and before i know it M’s leaving to go back to work.  i can’t wait until we sell this house and can live together again.
  • that being said i did cave… since we didn’t really find anything we liked in houses i’ve said that i will now consider a condo, under one condition – it would have to be RIGHT ON the water!  here’s to hoping we can find something soon!
  • after M left i started to work on some wedding stuff… i finished 4 different projects and started on another 2.  i just wish i didn’t have to pack everything up each time because of the house needing to look clean.  oh yah, i pulled out ALL the candy dishes and filled them to make sure we had everything we needed and sure enough one of the containers was broken.  this is the 2nd one!  i know it was my fault… or at least i’m pretty sure it was but still.  it’s SO FRUSTRATING!   ugh.
  • oh but the good news is i found someone online who wants to buy candy dishes for her wedding… YAY!



~ today i learned…


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  1. I can only imagine how hard it must be to be away from M for the whole week – especially while you’re in the middle of tying up loose ends for your wedding. I have a tendency to be over emotional sometimes, but every now and then when L gets up to go to work in the morning, mostly when it’s to part of his tour that he only has one day off in between shifts, I get all teary and beg him not to go.

    Also, I think that if the condo were right on the beach, that it would totally be worth it. And , oh my God, I would be so jealous! :) Crossing fingers taht you guys find something that you’re looking for soon!

    Comment by DanceintheRain — July 27, 2009 @ 10:20 am

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