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July 20, 2009


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why is it that we voluntarily subject ourselves to things that drive us insane?? (or is it just me?)

i find myself often reading things, or doing things that i know will irk me… but i just keep going back for more.  i’ve been able to remove some blogs from my google reader that i found just infuriated me… i realized what i was doing early on but i just kept reading each post, finding that i’d just roll my eyes and not comment because i had nothing nice to say.  it took a while but i eventually unsubscribed from those blogs.  but i still do it with wedding stuff, i read wedding forums like it’s my job.  and whenever i see something posted that i already know is going to be absurd, just by the title, i find myself clicking on it anyway.  and once again i’m there, rolling my eyes and muttering things to myself, wondering how these people can be serious?!

anyway another thing i find myself doing in this vein is watching soaps.  i never intended to, but working from home i leave the tv on in the background to keep me company.  it goes… the today show, regis and kelly, and then i switch to ABC and it stays there until dinner time.  after my afternoon brain exercise (jeopardy) it’s 3 straight hours of soap operas!  and it drives me insane!

i get that they’re partly supposed to be bad, cheesy, whatever,  but sometimes i just want to throw things at the tv.  it’s just frustrating that they’ll drag out an entire night’s events (i.e. an outing to a bar) over the course of a week’s episodes.  and then someone will get pregnant, and 2 weeks later they’re having a baby!  WTF?!  and to top it all off they never even make them look pregnant, they stay in their size 2 dresses and tight pants and then suddenly they have a small pillow strapped to their belly when they’re about to give birth (i mean honestly, they look like someone in the real world who is maybe 3 months pregnant!)  ahhhhh!  it drives me crazy! 

and then the story lines!  oh my gosh!  if you don’t watch this stuff you have no idea just how terrible it is!  i mean you wouldn’t believe this stuff!  i know they’re soaps, they’re supposed to be silly and outrageous plots but c’mon… a girl blackmails her sister into breaking up with her boyfriend?  if that were real life she would have said “yah, okay” and gone straight to the boyfriend and told him, or something like that.

and now, NOW, they have teens having sex!  i’m not kidding!  not only are the teens having babies on the shows but they’re advocating teens doin’ it too… and the parents SUPPORTING IT!  yeesh! 

i’m all for the twisted and entwining lives and storylines but wouldn’t it be easier for the writers if they made time pass a little more realistically?  they have 5 days a week to tell their story… yet they insist on starting and ending each story line within 2 wks.  they pretty much go sumthin’ like this…

oh no, i’m pregnant!  but who’s the daddy??

i’m so happy my wife is pregnant with our baby, and they said we couldn’t get pregnant.

i just know that kid is mine, that one steamy night we had while her husband was working meant i totally got her pregnant!

ouch, the baby is coming!

i’ll deliver my wife’s baby in this ditch!

i will steal that baby tonight, i just know it’s mine.  muwahaha.

oh no, my baby is missing.  i know he stole it, damn that one steamy night.  but i will handle this myself, heaven forbid i do something normal like get the cops involved.

… and it just goes on from there.



~ today i learned… the script for Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was written in 6 days! ~



  1. there are a ton of blogs that i read even though they drive me crazy. i need to just get them out of my google reader because if they are there, i will read them. ugh!

    Comment by The Northerner — July 20, 2009 @ 10:18 am

  2. Umm, that’s like when I would look at L’s ex’s facebook page. I knew it would make me want to vomit, yet i did it anyway.

    I’m not sure I have ever watched/listened to more than 15 minutes of a soap opera though. They are just so crazy. Then again, I’m rarely home when they are on.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — July 20, 2009 @ 3:30 pm

  3. Also… I give you mad props (wow, did I just say ‘mad props’?) for being able to have the TV on while you’re working. I would definitely get distracted and end up watching more tv than doing work. I have to enter all my time into a program for work and I usually end up waiting to the last minute and do an entire month’s worth at one time. It is way easier to do it at home, sitting on the couch, watching Gilmore Girls that it is to do it at my desk sitting insilence.

    Comment by DanceintheRain — July 20, 2009 @ 3:32 pm

  4. It’s definitely not just you. I mainly do this with books–there are certain authors I hate, but I’ll get seduced into picking up their books anyway because hey, this one could be different, and ooh, pretty cover! I hate it. I hate it all the way through, but rather than do something normal like, hmmm, STOP READING, I’ll just periodically close it, beat it into the table while yelling you! have! got! to! be! kidding! me!, then pick open it up again and carry on. They might have some kind of help for that …

    Comment by magda — July 21, 2009 @ 12:53 pm

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