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July 16, 2009

man’s week

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M is gone on his man trip.  his guy-fest.  his bachelor party weekend!

when it comes to friends we’re a little bit different – i have  a few close people that i consider my true friends, he has an vast group of guys he hangs out with whenever applicable.  actually there are a couple different groups but they sometimes intertwine – there’s work dudes (from the old co.), VT boys (the crew he met at school or roomed with), his previous local bachelor group (slowly dying off via marriage), and his golf buddies (mostly made up of old work dudes but a totally random group of them). 

most of the other guys in these groups seem to have the same setup with their own groups (maybe it’s just a guy thing, i dunno).  anyway M is one of those people all of his friends love.  he’s just one of those guys who no one ever can say a bad thing about, everyone is just always saying “he’s the nicest guy i know” (this isn’t to brag about my future hubs, although i definitely could, these are things i learned long before we even started dating).  for the most part whenever i met a new group of M’s friends the first thing people would always say to me is how he’s such a great guy, this of course goes on the list of many things i absolutely love about this man! (lord knows that if you survey a group of girls about me you’ll get mixed reactions with some saying i’m a great friend who will truly bend over backwards for you and other who will say i’m a total bitch… whatever) 

his bachelor party is huge and really important for these guys for the reason stated above plus the fact that for most of the groups he’s a part of (all but 1 anyway) he’s the LAST guy to get married!  it’s like everyone’s last hurrah.  M has been to so many damn bachelor parties for all these guys and now it’s his turn.  it’s kinda cool for him because he was the “last man standing” but at the same time it’s pretty bittersweet as there won’t really be any more to attend after this.  there’s one guy who just got engaged and another i’m sure will within the next year, but they’re not his closest buddies, just part of the circle of friends. 

on all the wedding blogs and all the trashy “wedding” shows i watch the brides always seem to be up in arms about the bachelor parties.  and i just don’t get it. 

for some it seems to be the stripper-issue – seriously, if he’s a stripper kinda guy i will bet he doesn’t restrict that to his bachelor party, so does he just not tell you any other times he goes??
for others there does seem to be a huge trust issue – this one blows me away.  why would you marry someone you don’t trust to be away from you for one night??
and then there’s the ones who just don’t like his friends – surprisingly these girls irk me the most… if you don’t like a guys friends how do you have a relationship that’s worthy of marriage?  i’m not saying you have to love everyone he knows (i know there are some i care for less than others when it comes to M’s buds) but you can’t expect him to not hang out with his friends.  i’ve heard the “but i don’t trust his friends” thing and that’s BS because that just means you don’t trust HIM but you’re using his friends as an excuse.

no matter what the reasons i don’t understand why brides make such a big deal out of the bachelor parties.  me?  i’m bummed that he’ll be spending 3 days with the guys instead of me but more so i’m just jealous!  i want to go to the beach for 3 days with my girlfriends and just tan and drink and play golf!  but sadly, this is not my group of friends.  mine are mostly mommies, your options for a bachelorette change drastically at this stage in life.  i’m totally cool with it though, i’ll make my own beach days.  while i am jealous of the guys this weekend, i’m also having a little hen-party cookout for the ladies and kids.  it’ll be a nice relaxed afternoon on the deck where we will give the blender a serious workout.  it’ll also be the last party at our house… almost makes me shed a tear.  i really just wish we’d moved already so we could make it a beach cookout!

so anyway, the whole brides getting worked up about the bachelor party thing… i really think they just need to see it for what it is.  just another guy’s night, just more expensive for everyone but the groom : )



~ today i learned… the number of possible ways of playing the first four moves per side in a game of chess is 318,979,564,000 ~



  1. I often wonder what people would say about me if randomly asked, and I wonder how different the answers would be depending on the person. It’s pretty neat that all of M’s friends love him so much. Sign that you picked a good guy, I think! I bet he’s having a blast : )

    Comment by magda — July 16, 2009 @ 11:00 am

  2. I agree with you about the bachelor party! If you don’t trust the person to be away for a night, there are probably some other issues going on there!

    Comment by imfb — July 25, 2009 @ 10:14 am

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