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July 14, 2009


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everyone refers to the WIC (wedding industrial complex) when griping about the gauging and ridiculous hoops you’re made to jump through just to pull off one stinkin enjoyable day for you and your loved ones.  there’s a big difference in planning an “event” and then once you admit that the “event” in question is a WEDDING.

this post, however, is more about the WID (wedding industry disappointments).  throughout this entire process i’ve been so excited about planning an event, i miss doing it for work so i was more than ready to dig my heels in and get it done.  then i started contacting vendors, and boy were those some conversations i was not expecting.  where to start…

  • there was the one florist who i contacted about her availability and she emailed me back with “what’s your budget for flowers?”.  um, okay, so i gave her my number i was trying to get to and she sent me back a “sorry, i can’t help you”.  uh, yah, it’s not like my budget was $14.50 so to me that response was absurd.  she had no clue what i needed for flowers or anything.  what if my budget was just for one bouquet?  she had no clue what i was asking for but apparently her bank only cashes very large checks.  i mean really, she didn’t even know my wedding date yet.  what happened to businesses actually WANTING business?!  what kind of business doesn’t add a small gig on a day they’re not booked even if it’s for less than what they usually do?  i don’t just mean price but i’m talking effort and everything. 
  • there was the caterer who made an appointment with us to meet at our venue (outside).  when i saw the weather forecast the night before i left her a message asking for the rain plan, i didn’t hear anything back.  that morning i dropped another quick email asking what the plan was, no response.  an hour before the meeting time and atthe meeting time i tried to reach her, again, crickets.  i was pissed.  a FREAKIN WEEK later she called and apologized.  no good excuse, no lame attempt at salvation, just “well i emailed you, i can resend all the emails with the date and time stamps”  whatever, i can doctor emails too.  i’d already checked my junk mail many times so i knew she was full of it.  she said she had to contact the planner at the venue to get my phone number *cough*bullshit*cough* but even still, it took you a FREAKIN WEEK to do THAT?!?!
  • then there was another caterer that we met with.  i didn’t think much of the screaming baby in the other room while we had our meeting, alot of people do stuff like this as extra income, right?  but M was a little unnerved that everything we mentioned wanting on the menu she always commented “mmm, yummm, that sounds good… how would you make that?”  when we left she said we’d have the quote in 24hrs.  sure enough 24 hours later i received an email apologizing but saying it would be ready the following day.  yah, that was in February and i still haven’t received a quote.
  • our favorite cupcake bakery (cupcakery?) won’t deliver the cupcakes.  for serious??  all you have to do is tack on a small delivery fee.  no, really?  i have to get a freakin person to come out and pick up the damn cupcakes?  my favorite was the reasoning “well, we really don’t want to have to drive anywhere.  we’d rather just stay here at the shop.”  um, okay, that’s what i get for buying from soccer moms that started a fantastic cupcake shop but they sell you so hard on the “beautiful box” they’ll put them in to transport… um, how is that even useful??  whatever.
  • how could i not mention the lovely dress shops that are rude to you when you come in and never follow up with you to see if you’re interested in their dresses.   and they’re completely heartless when you explain that you just want to be able to show your mom a picture of the dress you’re considering but they still tell you NO PHOTOS!  whatever, i took my business elsewhere and took photos and bought a dress there and subsequently spent the better half of a grand in alterations there too, so there.
  • the vendors who just never respond to emails and calls, the vendors who respond back with wacky things that you’ve already answered, and the vendors who respond back to your emails a week late like clockwork.  all of these boggle my mind.  in an industry where most of the businesses are small and self owned/operated, where the competition is so tough for each area, how you could NOT put every effort into getting all the business that comes your way?!  you should do everything you can do to make your business the most desirable… not ignore potential customers and slack on the communication. 
  • oh, how about the guy who works for the entertainment company that spoke with me about booking a specific band.  he was all calls and emails until i said we were going to have to go for a DJ instead.  i assumed the lack of communication meant that he didn’t have any options for me.  oh no, i was wrong.  when i contacted the entertainment company about getting a DJ they said he was my guy to talk to.  yah, he never got in touch with me still and i had to work with his boss
  • oh, but one of my favorites is the wedding planner who kept trying to convince me that she invented the “first look” option that is so popular now.  she really just kept pushing it all as her idea!  was she really that deluded?  or is she just one of those people who really needs to take credit for everything and anything to make their self feel more important, or at least convince others that they’re that important?

i could continue to lay out all the minutia that was ridiculousness of planning a wedding.  there are silly little things that you hear left and right, sometimes you can’t help but roll your eyes and sometimes you just sit there slack-jawed not knowing what to say.

i’m just glad we’re done with all the big stuff.  now i can continue my bargain shopping and decoration creating which is way more fun (and time consuming, but still so much fun anyway).    i’ve got plenty left to do on my list so with my 35+ days remaining i will attempt to get it all completed in 20.  that way i can enjoy August and only do the things that can’t be done any sooner (welcome bags, bathroom baskets, aisle decor, etc.)

i should just create a bullet list  : )


~ today i learned… UB40 took their name from an unemployment form; unemployment benefit form 40 ~


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