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July 9, 2009

seriously, no fat

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so after i’d been on the nofat diet for about 2 weeks i opted to weigh myself.  um yah, i almost cried.  i know i’m hungry all the damn time on this diet, but i had actually lost 5lbs!  FIVE POUNDS!  that’s a lot for someone my size. 

it’s especially defeating when it took this many years to put on 20… i believe it might take me a full year to gain back 5 lbs!  and if i paid almost $600 to make my wedding dress fit, and now it doesn’t, i’m going to be PISSED OFF!

i called my Dr’s office and explained how i didn’t have an appt. for another 2 weeks and i know he’s on vacation but i need to meet with someone.  i told her i’d lost all this weight and she started laughing at me.  apparently i’m the only fool who has ever actually followed the diet.  she threw in a “good for you!  no one else is that disciplined.” but i was still really mad.  so apparently it’s not as strict as they led me/M to believe.  she told me to just go ahead and up my fat intake.

so i have.  but let me just tell you, if you rid your body of fats for 2wks and then try to reintroduce fats into your routine your tummy will revolt.  it does not take kindly to new fats coming in and it will let you know about 12 minutes after you finish your first piece of fried chicken.  but it won’t end there.

so now i’m playing this volatile game of getting fats into my diet but still keeping anything in my stomach.  i almost feel, with the way it’s been going, that bringing fats back on board is going to cause me to lose more weight but we’ll see.

so far i’ve had a few rough moments/days but i’m trying.  i’m not taking in fats like i used to… i just can’t keep up that diet anymore if i ever want to be healthy.  and i can admit that i’ve had such bad acid for so long now that i had completely forgotten how great my throat feels when it’s not burning!  it’s So Nice!

so i will still have enchiladas and i will still have my Jason’s plain jane dripping with cheese and bacon but i will just not be having them back to back any longer.  i must control it on some level and i’ve decided that just limiting how much fat in my day is going to be easier than per meal.  i’m looking forward to not being starving all the time anymore!

so if you’re looking for a quick diet to drop a few excess lbs rapidly i highly recommend monitoring your fat intake to a serious degree (like 3g per meal) for a week or two, it’s a surefire way.  S has decided to take on the diet for a little bit to see if she can shed a few baby lbs that never wanted to leave.



~ today i learned… Motorola originally set out to car radios which is how they came up with their name (motor + victrola) ~



  1. I can’t believe she laughed at you! Rules are rules, and if they say no bacon, damn it they better mean it. Good luck reintroducing the good stuff. No use not fitting into that dress!

    Comment by magda — July 9, 2009 @ 9:28 am

  2. But will it do anything to help the dimpling situation? Or the little tummy pooch? B/c if so, I’ll start giving a damn about my heartburn and cut out the fats from my diet!

    Comment by stealthnerd — July 9, 2009 @ 10:29 am

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