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July 7, 2009


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usually when you hear this word it’s followed by “pregnancy” which to me is one of the scariest thoughts out there.  i mean really, what could be more tumultuously life changing than something like that?

but in this case unplanned was a good thing.  this past weekend we were supposed to be getting a storage container dropped at our house and then spending the weekend packing boxes and moving those, and furniture, out to the container.  the goal was to get the house ready.  we’ve put it on the market but it can’t be shown yet, it’s got a long way to go before it’s ready.  essentially we need to pack up everything, all the stuff sitting on counters, on the mantle, in bookcases, piled on tables and pretty much any surface.  there are a few big pieces of furniture that need to go too but mostly it’s just stuff… all of our stuff needs to make it’s way OUT. 

the kink here is that M’s new job pays for movers.  i don’t just mean the people that drive a truck full of our shit down to our new place, it doesn’t stop at people who haul everything from our house to the truck, it goes All. The. Way… they come in and PACK all of our shit!  how could we turn that down??

but of course it couldn’t be THAT easy either.  because i’m still living in the house, at least until we can sell it and buy a new one, we tried to see if they could come in and pack up the stuff that needs to go to be able show the house and then come back to get the rest when we move – but of course they won’t.  well they will, but his job won’t cover it both times.  so we thought about it, and realized just how much we have going on right now, and how little either of us wants to actually spend time packing stuff into boxes… and we made a decision.

we opted to not do ANY of it!  we’re having movers come in and take away everything and only leave the few things that i need to live for the next few months.  the job pays for 90 days of storage so we really want to be out of here by then… the place they use is pretty pricey and would cost us 2x as much a month than what we would use on our own.  so 90 days is our “move by” goal.  i would like it to be as soon as possible since i’m not looking forward to returning from our honeymoon and saying “by hubby, see you next weekend!”

so it sucks that i’m here during the week, separating everything – Move; Do Not Move.  these are our two categories that everything must go into.  i’ve had to really think hard… what do i need to get me through about 3 months?? (possibly more)

the big stuff is easy – bed, couch, chair, table, nightstand, and a small tv (so sad to see the big ones leave the house but this is a huge security issue when showing your house). 
then there’s the smaller things that took some more thought – microwave, shower curtain, alarm clock, lamps, dishes, toaster, blender (gotta have this for the summer!).
and there are all the usual things you need to live, pretty much anything you’d take on a trip – clothes, makeup, shower stuff, etc.

and there i was sitting there with all these lists of things, feeling like i left something out… i must have.  i just had that nagging feeling…

and then it dawned on me – ALL the wedding stuff!!  i almost completely forgot!  it’s not just limited to the pile of stuff in the wedding room, i actually need to really sit down and figure out every single thing i’ll need for the wedding and the weeks leading up to it.  our wedding bands, beach towels & beach bag for the honeymoon, and just so many more tiny little things!

so then i thought i had it all figured out… and i realized, oh no!  i’m having a BBQ at the house the weekend M is gone on his bachelor trip.  i need EVERYTHING figured out for that too!  outdoor furniture, serving dishes, utensils to prepare all the yummy things i plan on making, etc.

ugh, this moving thing ain’t easy.  and it gets way harder when you have a wedding going on at the same time!

but the upside, the HUGE upside?  since we didn’t pack last weekend we got to go hang out with some good friends… at the lake… in the house their parents just spent an OBSCENE amount of money building… with an incredible boathouse… and more amenities than one could ever ask for!  it was seriously better than any all inclusive trip we could take.  we’re blessed to have wonderful friends.  but we’re lucky that some of these friends have parents who are real estate geniuses and so we sometimes get to reap the benefits!  but boy does it leave you wanting MORE.  we spent the whole drive home figuring out every step of what we’d need to do to provide a lake house such as that for ourselves… and we figured we could have it for retirement.  while i would rather have it now to enjoy along with our youth… i’d also LOVE to have it for our kids and grandkids to enjoy.  i never had that kind of life growing up, but i would love for my kids to!  having lunch on the boathouse dock, sunbathing on the floating dock, then hopping on the jetskis for a zip around the lake, to wrap it up by taking the boat out to a lovely restaurant where you can just dock right there… oh and how could i forget watching fireworks over the lake from an A.MAZ.ING balcony!  it really is THE life!

so anyway, back to sorting and (non)packing in my now-life, so we can take steps to our future life (and lake house : )



~ today i learned… astronauts are not allowed to eat beans before they go into space because passing wind in a spacesuit damages them ~



  1. hehe, “the wedding room”

    Comment by Jackie — July 7, 2009 @ 5:38 pm

  2. That seems like quite the task – to pack everything, but still need so much stuff. I’m sure that I would probably end up spending more time making lists of all the things I needed than I spent packing.

    And sometimes you just have to chuck your plans out the window – sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!

    Comment by DanceintheRain — July 7, 2009 @ 9:01 pm

  3. Ok you scared me with the unplanned… and the stressed me out with the talk of packing and moving!

    Comment by kerry — July 7, 2009 @ 10:12 pm

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